Law Firm Admits Absence of Creditor

Hat Tip Bill Paatalo

You are right, Bill. You can’t make this stuff up. But somehow judges still don’t want to believe it. How can you be attorney in fact for a nonexistent entity?

This is an attempt to avoid both criminal prosecution and bar discipline for misusing the license to practice law. But the end result inescapable. By admitting that there is an absence of any mortgagee the law firm is admitting that they do not represent any creditor because they don’t believe that the creditor even exists, much less that the law firm actually represents them.

This is all very counterintuitive. Why would a lawyer go to court without a client? Answer: the real client is someone who sees an opportunity to make money by suing on a claim that does not belong to them. The fake client is the nonexistent entity that has a name but no real existence much less ownership of the debt, note or mortgage.

Judges can’t seem to get past their bias that the foreclosure means that even if improperly done it will result in payment of the debt. If there is no creditor you can be sure that there is no payment of the debt that results from foreclosure. So what is that money when the property is sold? It is REVENUE.

Courts are granting revenue to any applicant who pretends that it is somehow connected to a creditor without naming any creditor and without actually showing authority from anyone who has paid value for any debt. 

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  1. Ivan, do you know the names of the lawyer in Severson & Werson? I am pro -se In San Francisco?

  2. Ivan – those are law firms. NOT creditors. Who the heck do they really represent???????

  3. I’m thinking My self and another Home owner who lost their home having the same Alleged Investor and alleged Servicer going after them (Severson&Werson and another Law firms) for the losses we incurred due to the Unfair Judgments.

  4. This won’t help IF servicer are going in and attaching the name of the trustee to the trusts – and then just representing the “trust” – likely long ago terminated. POAs are easily manufactured and filed.


    I think this is what happened. Trustee purchased assets for itself and sells to third party.

  5. I have been in forclosure 13 years, I’m still in my home. But had to file a Bk to stop writ of possession eviction this year . The Bk is dormant no decision in a year. Because I filed adversary complaint against Deutsche Bank alleged attorneys for fraud and misrepresentation of a debt and clients . The Bk has not been discharged. The attorney filed motion to dismiss but the judge has not ruled on it. In fact the Magistrate called me at home and cancel pre- trial 2 hours before we were do in court. I still don’t know why they cancelled an mandatory pre- trial. I’m thinking about filling default judgment because no party has answered complaint. They have frozen the case both Bk and adversary complaint and relief of automatic stay. Not a word from Bk judge in a year now. Any advice is welcome

  6. The Illusion of Justice from our American judicial system continues to plummet down an ever illuminated spiral. I would say… let it rest in peace… but as they used avarice, malice, contempt and greed to steal from me an entire life’s work… I’m thinking more I’d like razor blades, spikes and barb wire to line the inside of that spiral.

  7. Love the analogy

  8. Letting this crime by the banks and mortgage companies, trusts, attorneys etc. go on because it is too widespread and too big in money terms is just like letting a serial killer go because he killed too many people – and how do we define what number that IS? Why can’t the legal system just let the truth rule and let justice prevail? Do they not know what heroes they would be to the economic middle and lower working classes in this country? When even the bar is corrupt, what hope does justice EVER have?

  9. Good topic Neil, hopefully another homeowners make comments on his own experience. On mine own 2 cases one currently in Appeal and the other one in my BK 13 (got dismissed) I discovered Wells Fargo Attorneys specifically from Severson & Werson Law Firm,AFRCT Attorneys and Mc Calla LLP Has engaged in representing the other Financial institution Bank of America without any declarations from their employees specifically from the Investor./Secure Creditor. I did file on my own State bar Complaints, The CA state bar closed mine inquires saying they don’t want to get in my case, even I replied them is not to get into my case I’m reporting something very unethical and that way are getting ‘UNFAIR JUDGMENTS” , I have direct witnesses, these Attorneys do the same with another homeowners facing foreclosure. I even escalated to the CA state Bar director Leah Wilson if her agency doesn’t want to investigate what I reported to them why that agency exists ? In my Appeal Case I had to make a motion to let know the Panel court Bank of America is not properly been represented by Counsel and the Attorneys from Severson &Werson has misrepresented the Court. and the Attorneys from AFRCT in the appeal process as well. In my BK 13 proceedings I had a big argument with my own counsel about it, to the point I had to ask the trustee whom informed me. to write down a letter to the Judge, since she used already her tentative ruling to make the Judgment and She didn’t know my position or not to wave my rights to file actions against WF and Bank of America Individually, I filed the letter along with the copies to the Secret Services, FBI and the DOJ Trustee Office Fraud department. So later on they cant said REJUSDICATA.
    In my last hearing when I asked the Judge about the letter I addressed to her as a Prose She said i don’t respond letters and in the future I have to look for a counsel, she even asked twice if someone besides an attorney is helping in this issues I arose. I replied to her none I did it in my own.

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