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Bill Paatalo joins me on tonight’s edition of the Neil Garfield Show. That’s because as a forensic investigator (and former cop) he just recently unearthed the most damning evidence yet against Chase and their entire charade.

Chase never paid for, does not own and legally is not entitled to enforce the mortgages that were originated by WAMU.

The courts have been letting Chase foreclose on the presumption that the foreclosure sale proceeds were going to pay a debt. Paatalo’s new evidence underscores and corroborates the fact that Chase converted debt into revenue without ever putting up a single penny.

So far Chase has made hundreds of billions of dollars by foreclosing on loan agreements to which they are not a party and for restitution of a debt that Chase does not own. So even after foreclosure, the debt never gets paid. Foreclosure sale proceeds are received by Chase as revenue!

See Article 9 §203 UCC adopted in all 50 states

5 Responses

  1. Problem is — “Who are going to call?????”

    Ghost busters? Maybe Bill Murray can help.

  2. Good luck Bill —-

    Ok — so remember – I am not in foreclosure. At least – thought I was not Someone else has been claiming rights for 15 years. Suddenly – Chase appears out of nowhere. No NO NO – they say — not where other party says it is – we have. Oh — but they did not know – WE ARE PAYING. WHOOPS. They were told internally reported in default – when we were NEVER in default.

    SLOPPY?? To say the least. Records– depends on who you go to.

    Oh — and cancelled checks show never went to GSE. Whoops — How could Chase be involved going all the way back two decades ago? Now they know proper party never paid?? Now they know – WHOOPS – we have been paying all along and still paying. Whoops. Are you kidding?

    NO where in the chain did Chase appear until this year. But a little code on the cancelled check — reflects WAMU. Never had WAMU either. How did that little code get there????????

    Keep at it Bill — very deep and very complex. Cannot toss off. Millions? Billions? – Nope — – Absolutely not — TRILLIONS is the answer.


  3. I had a loan with WAMU on another property I owned. I split the lot and two new APN numbers were assigned. Chase then Foreclosed on the retired APN number, so my attorney says there is no foreclosure. All the documents show the old legal description for the original lot before it was split. We are concerned that the opposition (Title Company Attorneys) might argue that the statute of limitations has passed on this because it happened in 2012. So, in addition to what I just said, I now find out that Chase never legally owned the note. Any advise here is welcomed and someone please send me Bill Patalo’s number. I need him to prepare an audit to give to my attorney. We will be filing a complaint in California Superior Court as soon as possible. Thanks

    Carole Meier
    Walnut Creek, CA

  4. More like trillions in my humble opinion and this inclused all the crooked, deceiving lenders (especially Bank of America). It is just sickeningly crazy how all us fellow Americans and Veterans were hoodwinked by all the greed and theft of the lenders and wall streeet people once they talked old Bill Clinton into doing away with the Glass-Steagle (sp) act. What a huge huge rooten Pandora’s box they keep trying to keep the lid on and NOT get to the bottom of things with all the crooked deceiving people out there like Jamie Dimon, Brian Moynihan, and so many others who make millions being part of this grand Ponzi Scam, along with our very own government!! Semper Fi.

  5. Billions, maybe…hundreds of billions? Seems a stretch to me.

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