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  1. Java — right again. I was going to post the same thing — then read your post. Many bring articles and stories to me and say – “look at this – this is great!.” They get mad when I say – “TOO OLD.” Useless.

    The settlements shut all down. It doesn’t matter what you know now. On this – Summer is right — judges don’t care

    And, Fred is right — you will fight and fight, possibly, for a decade – and nothing will change.

    I have been in court for over a decade, and not in foreclosure. Could not get loan mod because have equity. Could not get refinance because of “title” issues. And, how does the Court finally dispose of me? A loophole — subject matter diversity jurisdiction wrongly based on a fictitious name (Court had previously disposed of federal counts –
    for no apparent reason). .

    As long as the government allows this to continue – it just does not matter. All will remain concealed. And, you will never know the true party even though you are 100% correct – it is NOT the party who is claiming standing.

  2. Summer is right. It really does happen that way. The Judiciary has finally thrown in the towel and joined the den of vipers in the other two branches of the US government. It’s all over but the singing and the US government has signed its own death warrant – multiple times.

  3. Yeap, great story. And here is the reality check.

    You come to the Judge with a wagon of evidence. The Judge has a brother who is bankers’ lawyer and a bother-in-law who is a top lawyer for the law Firm who represent big banks, like Wells Fargo

    The judge cracks jokes in your face about “Murky MERS” practices

    The judge lies to you that the Note presented by banker’s lawyer is exactly the same as attached to the complaint (without actually looking at the complaint” while the Note is not the same

    The Judge refuse to provide you a copy of the Note based on which he is going to steal your house.

    The Judge criminally conceal the Note from the case records.

    The bundle of Appeal Court judges (who received donations from Big Bank lawyers) never saw the purportedly “original” Note based on which the lower court Judge stole your home.

    The happy end (for the bank of course):

    the Appeal Court Judges enter a bogus decision telling that since they observe how Fremont transferred your Note to Trust Fremont 2006-3, then Trust GSAMP 2006FM1 (who actually filed the case) can keep your home – and sell it under authority of the Board of Directors this Trust never had.

    Real criminals are Judges. Banks just enjoy the opportunity (and not for free, of course)

  4. Yes this is a great review again and Javagold seems to be right on the apparent whereabouts of some of these people these days. There are rumors that old David Sstern is on an island somewhere sitting on tons of cash payoff. Too bad they did not ever raid and expose the supposed huge “paper mill” and others that are rumored to have been in existance or still are for that matter.
    I have been fighting all these crooks for over 10 years not and crooked old Bank of America has passed me on (service transferred my loans) to three (actually 4 now debt collectors to try and steal more property from me as I initally had five (5) loans that were allegedly originated and table funded by Countrywide Home Loas,

    Interesting how old B of A used a company they created in Red Oaks Mergers, Inc to supposedly acquire my five loans. They then tried to intimidate me using the big lawfirm of Blank and Rome who were very careful on the wording of the letter and passing on the phony, forged, fabricated, and even “robosigned documents” they made claim were given to them by B of A.

    This whole huge Ponzie Scam is crazy and even worse since our very own government in GSE supposedly took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2008!!! Millions of us innocent people and fellow Veterans have lost property to these crooks and yet no one is in a jump suit!! Just like all the other BS that existing across so many places with thieves everywhere and NO one from the government, of course, will help people because they are in the end part of the scam!!! Semper Fi.

  5. C’mon Neil !!! This is as old as the fraudclosure scam is. And I’m not sure whatever happened to Lisa Epstein. She was everywhere and then just disappeared after running for public office and losing. So maybe they bought her off ?????

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