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  1. Generally, the post mater would not give away the PO Box owner info. I spoke with the post master who told me that it needs a Court order to request renter’s information

    The idea is to locate the actual address of the business you are looking for.

    For Servicer the actual addresses are often fakes, like PennyMac who claims to have offices around US but in fact has NONE of them.

    When you can track it down to the PO Box. If you are in litigation, you can request discovery as who collects your payments and who sends you mail

  2. It works, I used it today


    If you need an IP address from sender’s email you have to show the full header . Switch to yahoo old version where it states as “raw message” on the top right corner, Click on it. You will see the full header.

    You will see a long list of letters and numbers.

    IP will be in the top part

  3. Link does not work

  4. The Server IP address cannot be reached, to look up P.O. Box information. That said, the procedure is to send a Request to the local postmaster. The information given to the post office by the box-holder when it opened the box will be recorded and is usually issued without quibble. There is a small fee, I think about a dollar.

    What this gives you is the name and address of the box holder. But if that in turn is artfully disguised, i.e. the boxholder uses a dummy address to open the box, it is still cloaked. So it is not foolproof.

    The actual boxholder may also be a “front” for the actual party that will receive the mail. A box can be opened by just about anybody, and there is no control over who actually goes to that box and fetches the mail. The fetcher could be forwarding the mail in bulk to yet another location in another State. But you can ferret that out by taking the Deposition of that boxholder, or suing them and then finding it from discovery.

    P.O. Boxes are routinely abused by so-called “servicers” and “trusts.” Their purpose is specifically to avoid you finding out where the bums are sitting. Happy hunting!

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