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see How to Use Bankruptcy Cases of Loan Originators

Following up on the show two weeks ago, Charles and Bill delve deeper into the issue of how investment banks are using names instead of entities, and in all cases using  both names and entities to put apparent veils between the investment bankers and the liability they created for illegal lending, servicing, collection and foreclosure.

We look today at the case of Bolduc v Beal Bank to show a way forward for borrowers suing defendants like Ditech and Aurora, who have been in Chapter 11 bankruptcies and Chase who has been one of several banks who have used bankruptcies of front organizations like DiTech and Aurora to create the illusion that the bank owns loans that have long since been sold into thousands of pieces in the secondary market.

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  1. Need to ‘mic’ Charles better . . . otherwise good show.

  2. I hurried back from a wake to hear the show, even logged in 5 min early. It’s now 5:14 CDT and no audio. What happened?

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