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There are many potential claims arising out of attempted foreclosure after TILA rescission is effective.
But one of them is not a violation of your rescission rights. By pleading that you are putting into play the burden of proving the effectiveness of rescission which has already occurred by operation of law.
By pleading or arguing such a notion you are inviting interpretation form a court that is only too happy to reject your claim. In most cases your right to enforce the duties of a lender under the TILA Rescission statute, 15 USC §1635 has long since expired under TILA so you have no claim to violation of your rescission rights. You are making a claim that does not exist.
Nearly all successful foreclosure defenses are based upon the defense narrative that the party bringing the foreclosure action has no right to bring it. In the case where rescission has been effected, there is no claim for foreclosure anymore. The debt remains but there is a new way to collect it under the TILA Rescission statute.
You do have claims for violations of other statutes that protect consumers against fraudulent or wrongful claims and provide damages and the basis for declaratory, injunctive and supplemental relief. So you probably have a claim under the FDCPA in addition to other statutes. And you have claims under common law.

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