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The more I research and analyze the issue, the more convinced I am that the fundamental deficiency of the case against homeowners is hiding in plain sight. And I think it is jurisdictional so it might be possible to raise it at any stage.

Close analysis of the actual wording used in the style of judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures shows that if there is a direct or indirect reference to an alleged REMIC Trust there is no Plaintiff and there is no Beneficiary asserted or alleged.

Who is the claimant if they lose? Whose assets will be used to satisfy an award of costs, damages, or sanctions. Who could be found in contempt of court?

Is it Bony Mellon who will say they are only named in order to allow a third party to be the claimant because a trust cannot appear except through a trustee?

Is it an implied trust that is not identified except by name?

Is it certificate holders who have no right, title or interest in the debt, note or mortgage?

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  1. Any chance of a transcript… this was a great show…

  2. Neil, love ya more than my luggage, but can’t hear this show… chance of sending it to me??? Thanks!!

  3. Great topic Neil. Here is what they do — The servicer attaches the “trustee” name to the trust. They claim that the trustee name is part of the name of the trust. This is FALSE. Prospectus will give you the legal name of the Trust – and it does not include the The trust and the “trustee” are separate entities. But, if they are trying to say the REMIC is valid – then the trustee is legal holder if it is there. But the trustee is NEVER represented. They are nowhere to be found.

    Call their bluff — can have cake and eat it. Accept their (wrongful) statements that the “trusts” are operating, and demand that the trustee be represented. Force the attorneys into bank/securities fraud to a court. .

    Truth is, the REMICs have been torn apart and dissolved — and THAT is why there is no “Trustee” representation. .


  4. It is all on the plain sight. Open your eyes.

    Investment banks, who are all registered on Cayman Islands, issue CDOs through entities called CDO’s which are effective and convenient vehicle to launder any dark money though US housing market and Courts.

    These money are distributed though their US affiliates, like Lone Star Fund, Black Rock or BlackStone, ect. – all predatory foreclosers. .

    Lone Star (owns Caliber Home Loans aka Countrywide Financial) pass these money to Caliber who pass funds to a smaller mortgage company who pose as a “lender”. All closings go though this small lender who does not appear affiliated with any other parties.

    Loans purportedly should be placed in some cover up companies called Trusts – who own nothing. Most likely they are not.

    BlackRock uses PennyMac (aka Countywide Financial) as its conduit who can later buy these mortgages from Caliber, for example. So, they change “ownership” from right to left hand,.

    But HOW can PennyMac BUY mortgages and Notes from Caliber IF this mortgage and the Note belong (sold) to a TRUST ???

    Should it be a sale from Issuer to Trust who sell it to Caliber who should place it BACK to the Trust? who would be able sell it to PennyMac?

    But WHY would TRUST sell it to Caliber at the first place?

    This is a scam in plain sight.

    At the same time they start using certain data management companies, like Black Knight, CoreLogic, ect. – to hire predatory lenders who lure borrowers into adjustable rate loans to expedite defaults and foreclosures. .

    During the same time Caliber, PennyMac or Bayview use all possible tricks with payments to push borrowers in default.

    Banks do not care how long you are in foreclosures. They don’t make money from your payments or non-payments

    The make money from dark money laundering and Ponzi scheme by issuing CDOs and collect huge fees , which could be a significant percent of amount laundered.

  5. Excellent subject matter ,, looking forward to the show.

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