Free Forensic Audit Seminar Has Closed Registration

Seminar starts Friday, August 2 at 1:30PM. Instructions on how to attend are in your email inbox. Please use email for questions.

All invitations have been sent via Anyone who did not receive an invitation was cutoff when we exceeded 100 prospective participants. Or, they were cutoff because they did not supply a correct email address. Look in your email folders for the invitation if you signed up.

Registration is closed.

When you attend, please make sure that you are in a quiet place with no background noise.

You should be at your computer to see what I share on screen. Attendance by phone will likely not be as productive as attendance with computer. You can still listen to audio by dialing in by phone as well as connecting by computer.

Questions will held until we reach 90 minutes. Make sure your phone is on mute except for the brief period in which you are asking a question.

QUESTIONS: We don’t have time to listen to your narrative. Boil your question down to a yes or no answer from me. If I want to elaborate I will.

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  1. Hi. I didn’t realize that the seminar would close so quickly. Is there any way to still participate?

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