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Both lawyers and pro se homeowners are continually frustrated by the Dickensian process of the courts. If you don’t know what that means, go read Bleak House by Charles Dickens. If nothing else just read the first chapter.

What you need to know and accept as fact is that the litigation will always be long. That is because the lawyers for the banks, like every lawyer advocating an indefensible position, know that there is a difference between who should win and who can win. And often merely outlasting an opponent spells victory in what would otherwise be a losing position.

Surviving that requires physical and mental stamina and accepting the realities of the role of courts and judges. And most of all it requires the development of a strategic plan for each case and a tactical plan for executing the strategy. That can only be done by investigating and analyzing all the facts of each case.

Stop assuming you know or understand what the banks did. That will only interfere with your planning and execution of a successful defense strategy.


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