Memorial Day: Give Thanks to Those Who Serve

For most of us going about our daily business at our desks or in our cars or toiling or playing we give no thought to why we are able to do these things and what things would be like if someone stopped us, killed us or imprisoned us for believing, speaking or even getting together with other people.

We are blissfully unaware of the fact that we have our lives, our children, our families, relatives, friends and co-workers because we are the beneficiaries of a profound commitment to service given by people literally willing to die and who actually die in the service of our country. But for them we would all speaking German or Japanese or maybe Russian or Chinese. Our concept of who we are and the nature of our country would not currently exist but for the intensive and continuous efforts of those who are willing to fight so we don’t need to fight.
Memorial Day is but one day out of 365 in which we give any acknowledgment of this profound truth of our world and our nation. We give thanks to those who have fought at the request of our country. Their commitment is the backbone of our existence. Our commitment to the duties of citizenship should be the way we give thanks to their personal sacrifices including those of their families. 

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  1. Neil …you say: “Memorial Day is but one day out of 365 in which we give any acknowledgment of this profound truth of our world and our nation”. I agree. …..This Memorial Day’s emotion is deep, deep to our family this year….Our son-in-law is currently living in a tent in the desert of Afghanistan. He is a true patriot and willing to defend our rights to life, liberty, and property….not too mention a fine, fine, fine young man. ….We pray he returns safely every day…to be highlighted by all this Memorial Day period. He communicates, as he can, with our daughter (his wife)….yesterday, ….he is a strong strong person, with much training…but after three weeks in a tent in a desert somewhere in Afghanistan, he has had only one shower. He misses his wife, our daughter, and his two children, our grandchildren and my wife and I…. God Bless America. As our son-in-law, we know of his courage and patriotism, ….and he knows of our efforts concerning matters of property rights that you and I have discussed on occasions (which freedom he is risking his life) ….I can only emphasize to your readers the importance of and sacrifice which underly our freedoms. As you and supporters of the Effort of this Blog, we should not ever allow TBTF financial entities to further or consolidate their power and influence …. their intent to squash those who desire to bring equity into the equation…..Such EFFORT requires COURAGE. Neil your Blog gives a window of hope. Best to All, Steve Dye

  2. @starfireblue: You’re an idiot if you really think this way. Obviously you’re a product of “Generation I Went to College, I must know everything”. Stick it, pal.
    @james: Hey man! Thanks for your service, and tell your wife you fought a fight you couldn’t win. Frankly, nearly NO ONE WINS.

  3. I’m a disabled Vietnam vet who went through what some folks will never even imagine you could survive, an I’ll tell you who’s NOT blissfully unaware of what we did for our country is WELLS FARGO.We lost our home when Wells LIED to us, cheated us out of our home and savings because we didn’t have the money to put up a fight. We didn’t know about the crap that went on that enabled them to just steal the home we made. Well thanks for the thought, BUT I don’t feel what I did should give them the right to be able to do things like that. Govt. by the people?? Govt. BY the people with MONEY! and the things they can get away with because they have it. It’s been 10 years since they took it and my wife still crys some nights, I should have been able to protect her like I did my fellow Marines! BUT the things I did with an M60 wouldn’t work here. SemperFi.

  4. Thanks to ALL our Veterans and fellow Americans who truly care and have fought to maintian our freedoms that are fast losing out thanks to the likes of the crazy, wacko left and all the people who want the government to take care of them. Great work Neil and Semper Fi.

  5. I can easily understand honoring those veterans who were called away from home and loved ones, and who actually made supreme sacrifices, to wage war with real enemies who were or are threatening our safety. But, I cannot honor or will not pay homage to those who volunteer to fight imaginary enemies or wage war on innocent people to line the pockets of corporate oligarchs, all under the guise of installing “freedom.” We should honor only those whose deeds are righteous and good.

    America’s failed wars of invasion and exploitation and the paid volunteers who make them possible do not qualify for thanks. We must make the distinction, and people should not take pride in telling their friends that their son did three tours of duty in Iraq, rather, it should be a source of embarrassment.

  6. Thank you, too, Neil…
    Beautifully spoken, beautifully shared…

  7. God Bless America and you too, Neil.

  8. God Bless America and you too, Neil.

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