Tonight! Charles Marshall on Key Topic for Homeowners — Hybrid Legal Representation

Editors; Note: Everyone looking for an attorney should listen to this show. Every lawyer thinking about turning down or accepting a case involving foreclosure defense should listen to this show.

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Charles Marshall is on today hosting the Neil Garfield Show to discuss what he calls Hybrid legal representation, which is a combination of pro per representation alternately mixed with formal legal representation at times from an attorney, and/or, pro per representation with the assistance of an attorney or other advocate/support person who has some expertise in the legal or factual issues at play in the legal case, whether a Plaintiff’s case you run in a non-judicial foreclosure state, or a defense case in a judicial foreclosure state. The following elements/issues are the most important to figure out re whether this type of representation makes sense, or when to use alternatives to this model, in certain circumstances:

– Pro Hac Vice: what it is, how to use it;

– Lis Pendens in non-judicial foreclosure states;

– Having an attorney come into and go off of your pleadings, either in non-judicial foreclosure states, or judicial ones;

– The attorney retainer agreement in a Hybrid situation;

– Working with a non-attorney re legal issues and pleadings;

– Attorney hearing appearance issues, pluses and minuses.

Re all these issues, it is best to keep in mind one of Marshall’s major aphorisms: As in law, so in life; as in life, so in law…..

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