Judge Arthur Schack Dead at 71

New York State Judge Arthur Schack passed away on May 2nd, aged 71. As phrased by “Summer Chic” “he was nothing short of a mensch which, in Yiddish, is an honorific not bestowed lightly.

“His life was a testament to compassion; evidenced during his sixteen years on the bench in Brooklyn’s State Supreme Court and, in particular, as crusader for the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure. Schack was among a minuscule number of judges who never bought into the notion of simply rubber-stamping evictions [and foreclosures].”

Schack was one of the few judges that were beacon in a dense sea of nonsensical judicial errors. We had Judge Boyco in Ohio and a few others who were eventually silenced or drowned out. Schack saw through the obvious fabrications that were at the heart of most foreclosures. He was merciless in making fun of practices in which all of the major banks were combined into a single Suite 205 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Yet he was also exacting when it came to homeowners who did not present their cases properly. He understood he was there to rule upon “strikes and balls” of litigation and not to decide the game until it was over.

All homeowners owe him a debt of gratitude because it was only him and a handful of other judges that gave foreclosure defense an aura of credibility.


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  1. God Bless his soul!

  2. Its never late to pay a tribute for a great Judge. His opinions helped thousands others to save their homes; and will continue to help in future. If at least 10% of judges would the like him, America would not have so many homeless. RIP, Judge Schack!

  3. God’s speed judge! We need a couple hundred more just like you!

  4. I still have counterclaims open against BOA and BONY trading to get a competent honest attorney that will not sale you out like it happen before BONY VS Cano

  5. Rest in Peace Judge… and thanks for what you did.

  6. Amen. so sorry to hear this! We need a lot more judges and attorneys who are willing to help us defenseless homeowners/borrowers. Semper Fi.

  7. An aura of credibility appears the best we can hope for. Especially when a Judge like Schack saw the fraud and announced it only to be ignored much like the Supreme Court in Jesionowski regarding their unanimous decision regarding rescission. At least Judge Schack was afforded the privilege of dying a “natural” death unlike Judge Boyco in Ohio. Or most likely even Scalia. Remember the first report of the guy that found Scalia saying he had a pillow over his head when he found him?? It appears to be as it always has been. The golden rule. The one with the gold rules. So if we work day and night for years on end we may be able to establish an aura of credibility in this foreclosure process but probably only with those that are similarly situated. On the other hand. This is a day the Lord hath made. Rejoice and be glad in it.

  8. Rest in Peace Judge Schack!! That you for taking your oath seriously and not allowing your sense of justice, knowledge of the law, ethics and morals to be corrupted as have too many of your colleagues.

    You will be sorely missed!!!

  9. Rest in Peace Arthur Schack! May your freed spirit descend into the minds and hearts of your fellow judiciary and bring them light and love and compassion to God’s people. Amen.

  10. It’s stuff like this that makes me concerned about the fraudclosure defense community. I don’t consider myself a somebody in foreclosure defense, just a lowly pro se, who doesn’t like the fraud I keep seeing. But even I know Judge Schack died a few years ago. And although he may have been a mensch, nothing has changed for the better, since he left us. So all his good intentions and work, has been basically negated. I keep reading articles of Facebook from others fighting foreclosures and the articles are usually from 2009-2011 !!! And now this post from Neil makes no sense, in timing whether a mistake or not. I’m very discouraged as it seems this foreclosure community is very scatterbrained and unorganized. It hurts me to say so. But the truth hurts sometimes. The banksters must be laughing at us daily.

  11. RIP Judge

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