Tonight! Real Life Story of 11 year War with Chase-WAMU Fraudulent Foreclosure 6PM EDT

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Tonight’s guest is Stephen R Renfrow, born 1957 in Louisiana. He graduated with Honors from Louisiana Business College and Bakers Professional Real Estate College. He has extensive experience in Banking and Real Estate and he holds an honorary Juris Doctor degree.

His story about confronting and winning against the WAMU-Chase scheme led him to perform deep investigation and research into the facts and the law over a period of 11 years. He recently published an article at summarizing the years-long ordeal in which he saved his life, his house and his sanity by fighting against the largest economic crime in human history. He won’t be collateral damage in this story.

I invited him to be a guest because he has an interesting story to tell that can serve as an inspiration to those homeowners who keep hearing that their case is a loser or that the law is against them. The truth is that the law is for the homeowner but it takes grit to get it enforced. Those that persevere and understand civil procedure and courtroom dynamics generally win. Everyone else screams bias as they run from the courthouse.

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  1. starfireblue22…so, did you quiet title, or do a c and e?

  2. I have a very similar case in Queens County NY

  3. In October 2009, Barclays HomEq quit accepting my mortgage payments and then claimed I was in default. They then sold my home at a foreclosure credit bid sale. In 2010, I filed a lawsuit against them as a pro per. In 2011, the sale was reversed, but I refused to dismiss my lawsuit. After the first superior court judge granted Summary Judgment to Barclays and Ocwen, I took it to the appellate court and got it reversed. It finally went to trial, and I have just won my lawsuit, with the judgment being that they must forfeit over nine years of interest – from the month they first refused my payments in October 2009 until April 2019! I simply pick up where we left off in 2009. I’ve been living free in my home since October 2009!

  4. Ok – delay — there now. Thanks Neil.

  5. starfireblue22, — appears some get attention – others not. Your comment – “unknown number of mortgages were not included in the transfer” – is very interesting. I believe that, but, FDIC says no – everything went. So if you are right, and believe you are, where the heck did “some” loans go? .

    Last post by me here was rejected. I try —

  6. Great story!! And, yes people need to stay in it.

    Some points — Trump has just about about shut down any FCA against banks. Obama got the bogus settlements for anyone but the people and it is considered – OVER. .

    How and why anyone should have to spend 11 years in court to get justice is incomprehensible. Sometimes, I think courts and attorneys just wait for you to die.

    As AXJ pointed out — the big four. Mortgage remains with GSEs. Notes were not new originations – just debt restructured – that’s how the “notes” are converted into claimed securities that are bogus.

    I don’t know how long the government thinks that they can go without the people discovering the truth. With stories like this – well on way to getting the truth out.

    Certain courts deny TILA/RESPA claims all together — even when rescission is included.

    Thanks Neil, and thanks to your guest — have a good show!!!

  7. We were involved in the Chase-WaMu debacle. We fought them for about one year. The last we heard from them was five years ago when they withdrew a motion they had before the court. We were puzzled. A few months later we received a letter from Ocwen telling us that our house was no longer in foreclosure as Chase withdrew from the case.

    The house was ours — free and clear!!! We later found out that an unknown number of mortgages were not included in the transfer, so they could not even claim ANY interest in the original note.

    That’s all she wrote and the rest was history.

  8. Won’t miss it!

  9. Thank you Neil. I really appreicate all you have done and continue to do. Semper Fi.

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