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A few weeks ago I added PureChat for people to ask direct questions. The Chat function is located at the bottom right of your computer screen. I usually respond fairly quickly. The domain name of what was is now

The change in name of the domain (Url) required a change in the platform far beyond anything I had understood.

Among the things that were affected is the search function. You find the search bar in the upper right hand part of each page. Same as before.

If you type in “US Bank” for example you will now see only one article pop up. Before the change in domain name, you immediately saw a list. Now it takes a second step.

At the bottom of the page you will see a “Next Page” link which will take you to a list of all of the articles mentioning US Bank since 2009.

You can still do your research on LivingLies.

Many thanks to all the readers who pointed out the issues with LivingLies search functions.


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  1. Here is one for Connecticut. In that judicial state the summons and complaint is Served first and then the lawsuit is filed
    That gives time to start FDCPA etc on Fed District Court State proceeding stopped. It a year latter Who knows how long it will go with supplemental jurisdiction and common law claims and if lose after trial. can appeal to Circuit.

  2. Guys — and why always guys here? Have urged to get together for over a decade. There is power in numbers. That does not negate needed help from Neil, but, it is attention in numbers that is demanded. Without it — it remains very difficult.

    NUMBERS– Old school — PROTEST. Looking for someone to organize. Not good at that. But others are. I will speak – if can organize. And, my speaking will be good. Just get me there.

  3. Fred, I am also in Grand Junction fighting the likes of Wells Fargo and Ocwen…perhaps we should talk sometime. Maybe we could help each other. Right now, I am in my 7th year of fighting and my next and probably only move left is to file a suit for Quiet Title.

  4. Thanks for using US Bank as an example. That helped me personally. I may be part of a class action involving them.

  5. Thank you Neil. I really appreicate all you have done to help people and just wish I was NOT a 75 year old Vietnam Veteran with very little money to fight nasty old racketeering Bank of America and all its “co-conspirators”!!
    I have been totally and wrongfully foreclosures upon on one of the five loans I initially and supposedly had with old Countrwide Home Loans that had some great people working for them in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am not sure they had any idea of all that went on, but I could be worng.
    I have sure had my hands full dealing with the likes of Shellpoint Mtg. that foreced me into a short sake, Bank of America on one loan and you should see the terrible, messy deed of reconveyance that makes no sense at all then dealing with really nasty old Seterus who tried several times to foreclose on me and now two loans transferred to Nationstar which just recently changed their name to Mr. Cooper- what a crock and loan number changes 4 times now- I am continuing to try and hang in there and really appreicate all the knowledge I have obatined to help me these past (+ years. Semper fi.

  6. i searched for US Bank as you described above and immediately got an entire list of articles – without any need for a next step… just sayin…

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