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  1. corruptionpedia2 — good link!!! Perhaps, the biggest crime may not be there. Omitted from the list is Freddie/Fannie who the government took over. The bail out did not come without administrative approval.

    The banks were forced by the Community Reinvestment Act to lend to lower/middle income borrowers, and then sell the loans to Freddie and Fannie. There was no profit in this for the banks – so they went to Congress and complained. Suddenly the banks stopped whining. Those shrewd banksters figured out a way to get around the CRA and make big profits for themselves. Big fraudulent profits. Hence, the financial crisis was created. .

    The banks and non- banks are always figuring out a way around their crimes. If anyone has an “Ocwen” loan, then they know that the CFPB has sued Ocwen – not for damages, but for injunctive relief. So Ocwen figures out what to do. They buy PHH Mortgage, and then transfer all the Ocwen loans to PHH. It was slap in face to CFPB — how dare anyone interfere with criminal activity.


  2. @ davidsnieckus2 ,

    End the FED?

    Andrew Jackson DID IT….(to a prior central bank)

    JFK started DOING IT
    JFK assassinated shortly after

    JFK Jr. was DJT’s good friend

    DJT along with MilIntel have been taking out the deepstate ,, that is job#1 , re-introducing the RULE of LAW is job#2 (arrests starting NOW) , assimilating the FED , folding it into TREASURY is job#3


  3. April 19, 2019
    I’d like to tell you a different story.
    A different story from:
    1. Banks loan money,
    2. there never seems to be enough money,
    3. 100,000 foreclosures In MA And Student debt in MA over the last 10 years
    To a story of;
    1. so-called borrowers are the creditors
    2. there is always enough money
    3. never have another foreclosure and NO MORE STUDENT Debt.
    With that said:
    If you knew for certain, Without a doubt, that banks DO NOT lend depositor’s money would you be upset?
    If you knew for certain, without a doubt, that banks CANNOT lend their own money, would you be concerned?
    If you knew for certain, without a doubt, that your signature on the promissory note CREATES NEW MONEY for the economy…would you be angry?
    If you knew for certain, without a doubt that you don’t really have to make those monthly mortgage payments back to the bank, would you do it?
    If you knew for certain, without a doubt, that during foreclosure the bank or other entity is REALLY trying to STEAL your home?…would you be pissed?
    The most important responsibility of the State of Massachusetts or the Federal Government is the issuance of debt-free, honest money on the productive output of the people of Massachusetts.
    China does it. China’s money is created debt free by China, not borrowed from private bankers. We must learn to do the same.
    Money MUST BE MADE public honestly and with full disclosure for the easy exchange of goods and services and be publically issued debt-free for ALL the people, rather than a borrowed private usurious, deceptive, corrupting monetary system.
    Which you may or may not understand but with a10 year pause in your mortgage payments and time to shop, prepare and cook healthy food from the farms of Massachusetts you will:
    Eliminate foreclosures
    Eliminate budget problems
    Eliminate inflation
    In order to accomplish this task I SUGGEST two bills for the legislation to pass:
    1. HB 1482: Declare a 10 year moratorium on foreclosures thereby enabling ALL of us to take a good look at our current debt-based, interest bearing, usurious, deceptive, dishonest, unjust, corrupt and fraudulent monetary system.

    2. HB 2528: TAX ALL PROCESSED FOOD: remove the tax exemption on processed food.

    David Snieckus
    99 Crescent Street
    Newton, MA 02466

  4. a couple of useless mouthpieces….
    The die has been cast….we lose.

  5. That sounds good on the surface. However with these two “trusted” representatives and knowing their history of siding with the money, nothing will get done. It will be proposed as a “wag the dog” tactic and then business as usual. Excuse my sinicism.

  6. I want banksters jailed as much as anyone but Mad Maxine won’t do it… she actually was grilling banksters last week over out of control student loans… until she was reminded that Obama took control of 100% of the student loan program in 2010…. She looked like an absolute idiot. It’s clear that she is just mouthing someone else’s words.

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