Tonight! Document Fabrication And Perjury Have Become Institutionalized!

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Tonight. Charles Marshall, Esq. and Bill Paatalo, P.I., discuss important new information on the existence of original promissory notes and how they are falsely presented in foreclosure cases. Don’t miss it!

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If the original promissory notes were customarily destroyed contemporaneously with the loan closing or afterwards, then it follows that original notes presented in court were recreations — i.e. copies, which is exactly what is not permitted in the enforcement of a note or mortgage. And the testimony about it being an original, while knowing that the original was destroyed or “lost” would be perjury.

And that is what happens every day in foreclosure courts across the country. So we have come to the point where we should recognize that we have accepted and institutionalized the presentation of false documentation in court, and perjury in testimony mainly because of political ideology based upon false premises.

Since foreclosures are not being used to pay creditors, why should we allow them?





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  1. I’ve tried to help through legal research many pro se fight here in Montana. The “justice” is non existent.

    Shame on them.

  2. Because the Florida judges are like police officers and the quota
    …the more foreclosures they push the better ratting they get and a bigger bonus and bigger raise. That’s distgusting and needs to end and we need to sue the state of Florida and the legistlators for helping in the fraudulent confiscation our homes. Using copies to steal our homes is a crime. Can’t complain to my house representative blocked my email. Yup doesn’t want to talk to me…..ran unapposed so doesn’t care about his constituents……very sad. I will never stop fighting for our justice. Maybe someday a new elected official will listen too my story about my past 10 years and decide enough is enough and we all deserve restitution for these crimes. Praying for all of us because every foreclosure is a crime scene

  3. Criminals Banks @WellsFargo seems backed up by the authorities

  4. Sad but true! The new leg with me is crooed, inept, phony, pretend servicers Seterus now selling out to Nationwide DBA Mr. Cooper and all the execs who used to be with racketeering Bank of America and the vast web they have created with the likes of Seterus, Shellpoint, and now a complete change of name to Mr. Cooper.
    I hate to sound paranoid but also check out the role Bank of America is playing with Zillow and all the false, wrongful information they put out to drive down prices and help – yes you know who- am I crazy here!!

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