Tonight! How, When and Why to Use California Homeowner Bill Of Rights (CHBOR)

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Both lawyers and homeowners often ignore CHBOR and similar statutes in other states. Because borrowers who feel screwed by the banks are reluctant to pour good money after bad, they don’t pay to have even basic research performed that could significantly improve their likelihood of  achieving a satisfactory result.

One person who has detailed extensive knowledge and experience about substantive law and procedural law in the courtroom is Charles Marshall our frequent guest host. Most statutory schemes designed to protect consumer or homeowner or borrower rights are basically procedurally statutes. They are aimed at providing assurance that the creditor seeking a remedy really has a right to do so and has rigidly complied with protections allowed to reinstate or work-out a loan.

Today Charles Marshall will address the implications for several areas of legal practice of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights (CHBOR) here in 2019, covering the following areas:

– pre-litigation practice;

– litigation practice–when a lawsuit is pending;

– appellate practice–when an appeal is pending, the lower court matter having gone to judgment;

– bankruptcy practice.

On the show he will break down whether, how and why to use CHBOR to accomplish litigation goals.

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