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You can always settle any case by horse trading on the amount due, when it is due and at what intervals and interest rate. But more and more lawyers are asking the right questions — what are the elements to consider when evaluating the settlement value of a foreclosure case? Emphasis on the case at hand distracts from the value of the threat to the other side.

Bottom Line: If you don’t have the tenacity, stomach and resources to litigate all the way you might just as well settle on any terms you can get. You can improve your odds by sending a QWR, DVL, complaint to CFPB or Complaint to State AG. You can also improve your odds by aggressively pursuing discovery in litigation and getting an order requiring your opposition to produce answers or documents that they don’t have.

BUT if you do have the tenacity, stomach and resources to litigate all the way to the end your chances of a favorable result are greatly improved.


2 Responses

  1. Banksters lawyers pre-paid judges for their favorable service, thanks to millions and millions donations to judicial elections.

    So, no expectation that the situation in Court will change, with rare exception where certain judges have personal integrity to follow law, not money.

    Based on my observation, mass property theft and dark money laundering through US Court system is still running at full speed.

    The only thing which COULD help – IF the Government will finally consider judicial corruption as a CRIME (not business as usual) and ORDER Wells Fargo and other banksters to actually compensate their criminal foreclosures victims in the amount of stolen properties plus treble damages. Maybe it will make them think twice before filing another forged case.

    EACH foreclosure filed by fake REMIC Trusts must be reviewed de novo at least since 2002.

    Wells Fargo started to compensate victims of their bank account and insurance fraud – but l no word on their illegal foreclosures mill

    Wells Fargo begins compensating customers affected by fraud.

  2. Good show Neil!

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