Portrait of a Whistleblower: The Establishment is Rigged Against Truth

For those who like what I write but have doubts about what I am saying consider this article that is based upon truth and nothing but the truth.

According to a Rolling Stone article published in 2015 by Matt Taibbi, “one of America’s ugliest secrets is that our own whistleblowers often don’t do so well after the headlines fade and cameras recede. The ones who don’t end up in jail… often…go through years of harassment and financial hardship.”

One of those whistleblowers still fighting to receive justice against unlawful retaliation and financial penalization is Michael Winston. Called by Salon Magazine “The Man Who Knows Too Much…”, he lost nearly everything after trying to tell the truth about Countrywide Financial Corporation (CFC).

See the Biography of Michael Winston

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  1. Deadly — your video is chilling. I recall from word from top insider, at Trump’s election “We will let him play awhile, but we will not let him get very far.” I will not say his name here.

    Yes – the Fed should be audited. There should be a complete investigation for the corruption and the bogus mortgage settlements.

    As long as the stock market goes up, which Trump needs, it makes it more difficult to call for an investigation. We need to shift balance (interest rates) back to savers from investors. Need to normalize. Trump in difficult position.

  2. After 3 previous unsuccessful attempts, once Biden got that horrible bill through congress and Bush signed it, the banks and other non-bank “originators” went on a lending spree to students – with Biden knowing that the US Government would cover their foolish lending practices, without recourse. IT WAS THEIR WAY TO BIND DOWN AND CONTROL AND REMOVE EVEN MORE PEOPLE OF AMERICA OUT OF THE POSSIBILITY OF LAND OWNERSHIP BEFORE THEY EVEN RIPENED INTO FULL ADULTHOOD.


  3. While we’re at it, lets save our children from the predatory loans (actually not loans but lines of credit) they were arm-twisted to sign whilst they were young, financially ignorant students operating on a federal promise that a college degree would all-but guarantee a high paying job – WHICH NEVER HAPPENED… This is the basis of the next upcoming bank meltdown. It was IN FACT senator Biden of Delaware (the corporate home of most banks), before he was VP under Obama, who pushed through Congress the alteration of our bankruptcy laws so that it was nearly impossible for a student to discharge a loan or line of credit used for college education in bankruptcy – even if it put them under the poverty level and even though it was an unsecured loan! Show me any other unsecured loan (credit cards or anything) in America which is near bankruptcy remote! NONE! Biden should hang…

  4. ANON: Trump knows and he’s on it. That’s why there is Q. WWG1WGA. https://youtu.be/MRtEgdgj_XQ

    Looking through emails from 2012 with a lot of data we didn’t understand at the time, we gathered intel. I’m sure Neil has info too that is becoming a lot clearer now, 7 years later. Audit the Fed and expose the corruption. Free American Homeowners and save our Country.

  5. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    Wake up American Homeowners! The foreclosure financial products were part of a scheme to take down the American middle class, unions, smaller companies and push the Globalism Agenda 21. You’ll find it on the United Nations website. Research. Educate yourself and realize that there are 2 factions here – GOOD and EVIL. Our homes, property and personal beings have been financially raped. Welcome to the Great Awakening.

  6. I forgot to add “as proof” of my contention that YOU ARE the Government – why the heck do you think your Butlers and Maids REQUIRE your vote to assume their “temporary” positions?

  7. I AM the Government – YOU ARE the Government – Until every man and woman who IS THE Government wakes up and stops thinking that their elected Butlers and Maids are THEIR Government – we will continue to have a house/ship in a chronic state of mutiny!

  8. Trump — get your antlers up. What really happened during financial crisis??? What was covered up??? Investigate.

    Stock market will not move up forever. Get ahead of it Trump. It is not your medallion for worth. If not done, just feeding what already occurred. Stock market is not indicative of what is really going on. Look around. See what is really going on. Let it truly reflect.

    The people are trapped. Issues in media – divert. Media does not know what they are talking about. Pundits are not bright. Focus elsewhere. Neil is best correspondent.

    Thank you, Neil — from all of us.

  9. Where is our government? Our representatives. Busy — Playing politics. Getting paid -by someone. Hmmmm– who may that be??

  10. Michael Winston: My Experience as a Whistleblower

  11. Hi Neil:

    A new Cal. Supreme Court Opinion FYI. Attached hereto. *regards,*

    *donald k brandt* *focus realty advisors – dre # 00988566 * *12005 albers street, # 327 * *valley village, ca 91607* *v 310-753-1781 f 310-388-5827*

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    On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 9:52 AM Livinglies’s Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: “For those who like what I write but have doubts > about what I am saying consider this article that is based upon truth and > nothing but the truth. According to a Rolling Stone article published in > 2015 by Matt Taibbi, “one of America’s ugliest secrets is t” >

  12. Stay strong Michael. I have to believe the truth will out…..eventually. We just have to live long enough.

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