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Virtually every document offered by lawyers who purport to represent the banks, trusts and servicers does one or more of the following:

  1. Refers to another document without specifically identifying the document
  2. Conflicts with another document
  3. Omits attachment of relevant documentation legally required to make the principal document facially valid.
  4. The documents contains internal conflicts that cannot be resolved without looking outside the document. (PSA)

All of these things undermine or eliminate the claim that the document is facially valid and therefore entitled to legal presumptions. But there is more…

Tonight Russell Baldwin joins me to discuss some theories that might have some traction off the usual track of foreclosure defense. We will be discussing recoupment, assumption of risk and the continuing discoveries by Bill Paatalo about conflicts and inconsistencies in the documents used to claim rights of collection, servicing and foreclosure. Bill Paatalo and Charles Marshall join the conversation tonight to offer their insights. 

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