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US Bank is an annoying liar, in my opinion. But actually it isn’t them lying which makes it so annoying. It is attorneys and servicers who are allowed to use the name of US Bank as though US Bank was really doing something. It isn’t. It never did.

You should actually read the documents that are proffered by the lawyers for the servicer who claims to have a nonexistent power of attorney for a nonexistent trust that is really the fictitious name of the underwriter of the sale of certificates issued in the name of the nonexistent trust.

The “Trustee” holds title for the Master Servicer (not the Trust and not the investors and by the way there are no beneficiaries of the nonexistent trust). The Master Servicer is not really a Master Servicer because there is no Trust from which the Master Servicer derives power. And surprise! The so-called pool of loans is an fabricated index and not a real list of loans.

The trustee does NOT represent the Trust and the Trustee does NOT represent the certificate holders which could only be the case where the certificate holders signed a separate agreement with US Bank to represent them — apart from the PSA.

The US Bank Trust, NA as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, has over the last several years been involved in potentially hundreds of litigation matters, possibly a lot more. US Bank, NA has used many other “master trusts” and other trust names to advance its interests on both the plaintiff and defense side, in litigation all over the country.

Today on the Neil Garfield Show we have Bill Paatalo returning to discuss a major legal settlement involving the State of California (through a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Court several years ago) against US Bank, and its web of trusts used to conceal the real-party-in-interest at issue in US Bank foreclosures.

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  1. My townhouse was Fraudclosed on with defective robo signed back dated incorrectly assignments. NJ Courts and clerks office didn’t care.

  2. Anon– that would be up to the government should they finally admit fraud. Highly unlikely courts would do — but, nothing is impossible. .

  3. Is it possible to get damages if a home was foreclosed with a defective assignment of mortgage even if the violations were done at the choice of assignor and assignee mentioning that home owners are not parties to Pooling and Servicing Agreement or the purported assignment?

  4. Please provide the case??? Thanks

  5. Americans Against Foreclosures ( AAF ) are exposing it all.

  6. Reblogged this on AXJ USA NEWS.

  7. Neil we will be listening because USBank has now lied in my quiet title case in January 2018 after Chase has been lying for the last 7 years that Chase was holder in due course.

    Both whose attorneys have committed fraud on the court and Chase fraud in the land records.

    I will need another round of consulting after Judge rules on our Rule 59 Motion for Post-Trial relief resulting in either new trial with all the evidence this time or appeal. Details at http://www.NewsTipStory.US.

    Thank you for this timely blog and radio show > on lying pretender creditors/lenders > and how they get too many courts across the nation to give them a free home with absolutely no consideration in chain of custody of the note money trail.

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