Another Glitch from Wells Fargo Admitted by WFB (oops 570 homes foreclosed.)

Wells is trying to buy its way out if this one with offers of $25,000 to people who lost homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the tip of the iceberg of liability for WFB, Citi, BofA, Chase and others who have very soft and porous balance sheets where liabilities are reported. Sure they have unreported trillions offshore, but the current reporting doesn’t come close to the actual liabilities of these predatory entities.

see Yes Another “Glitch” by Wells Fargo

To find out if you were one of the 570 start with finding out if Wells caused your foreclosure and the start digging to see how to determine whether your home was one of those foreclosed. We can probably help, first fill out our intake registration form. (FREE) CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT REGISTRATION. 

It may seem like free money but actually it is blood money. They owe you a lot more than $25,000 from what I can see here. Check with counsel before you go accepting pennies on the dollar of a valuable claim. 


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  1. Buyers attorneys

  2. Great idea sue the buyer

  3. Sue your property buyer who purchased your illegal foreclosure for Quiet Title and possession of stolen property. When foreclosures BUYERS will be aware of potential law suits, they will start to sue Wells Fargo bank and Title companies for fraud and resales of stolen homes,

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    Glitch – yeah, sure!

  5. A second Wells Fargo glitch results in the foreclosure of more homes

    Wells Fargo blamed a computer glitch for the second time this year that resulted in the bank mistakenly foreclosing on hundreds of homes over an eight-year period, CBS News reported. The software error applied to loan modification applications submitted between March 15, 2010, and April 30, 2018, according to Wells Fargo.

    In November, Wells Fargo admitted the error in a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, noting that a computer glitch led the bank to deny its mortgage customers the request for a loan modification or repayment plan in 870 instances. Eventually, 545 homes were foreclosed because of Wells Fargo’s error.

  6. Nov. 26, @WellsFargo called me telling there is no glitch calculation on my foreclosure! (Then WFB must did the calculation how they like to get away with it) our hardship letter was their feasts to bullying us threw us illigally

  7. Cristo, save your money. Nobody is getting their home back.

  8. Has anyone heard about the outcome of George vs Bank of America on the Aug 15, 2016 racketeering decision by the 10th US court of appeals. The Steve Berman firm
    Was representing the homeowners

  9. Oops they denied my HAMP modification from 2010 to 2015 and it accidently made $40,000 for Wells Fargo.

  10. Consumer Rights Defenders helped a NY woman get a home free and clear [note and mortgage were cancelled] after WFB got caught cheating her. Let us consider your situation and give us a call at 818.453.3585. Helping pro se litigants since 2007 with litigation strategies that work. Ask for Steve or Sara.

  11. In my humble opinion Bank of America is one of the worst culprits in this whole Ponzi Scheme and they have connections in high places with our very own government in this mess up to their eyeballs.
    Very sad indeed when you have a government that is supposed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people. Agencies like the CFPB are a complete farce and no wonder why?
    I also think that if there are, in fact, trillions off shore” that is we the American People’s money that the lenders conned us out of and another reason why I never agree with bailouts and huge business concerns. Semper Fi.

  12. Thank you, Neil Garfield, for all that you bring to us… I am going to hire you to get my home back… in the coming year…as so others can too

  13. So why did Wells come up with the date of Mar 15, 2010? That was the date they illegally foreclosed on my property. As I requested Wells look over my process in this last exposure, already having had the independent firm of Promontory Financial that Wells was required to hire during the Independent Foreclosure Review Board (IFR). Wells was required to pay $6,000 because they failed to process my request for the HAMP and VA HAMP.

    Had not the OCC and Justice Dept at the last minute allowed IFR to change the payoff category of “No Standing” and Obama promise of $125,000, any equity in the property and interest owed, was what was suppose to be paid by Wells Fargo.

    Circular 26-10-02 gives an effective date of Feb 1, 2010, for the start of the VA HAMP and Wells refused to underwrite the modifications in 2010!

  14. What about Bank of America?

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