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A couple of years ago I had a Federal judge ask me directly, during my closing argument, whether I thought the people responsible for these foreclosures should be in jail. My response was immediate and unequivocal. YES.

Today Charles Marshall discusses this on the West Coast Foreclosure show with Bill Paatalo. Specifically we will discuss a civil lawsuit in which Nationstar Mortgage LLC is suing various defendants for essentially subverting Nationstar’s ostensibly valid interest in the subject properties. This suit, short title Nationstar v. Patrick Joseph Soria, et al, seeks to use the power of a full-blown Defendants’ asset freeze to shut down the efforts of Defendants to continue what appears on its face to be a criminal enterprise.

Caveats all around here, though it needs to be said that various criminal investigations into Defendants’ conduct are being directed from various quarters in California, including Los Angeles County and portions of Central California, in which according to the Nationstar lawsuit criminal proceedings are pending against Soria in San Joaquin County re the business enterprise at issue here. See Neil’s Blog for some case information and documentation on this Nationstar lawsuit.

Ah yes, the inevitability of all this….it is almost patently reasonable to maintain that it was and is inevitable that California’s non-judicial foreclosure scheme is great cover for the type of activity seen here. Same non-judicial legal framework is but a modest–one might say papier mache–backstop against illegitimate foreclosure actions, where the proving of true title before proceeding with a trustee’s sale is rarely vetted by the Courts, and only then when hard-pressed homeowners elect to sue to try and protect their fragile legal rights, in which proceedings more often than not the ‘pretender-lender’ is ratified as the real one by California’s courts, State and Federal.

8 Responses

  1. Corrupto, where you at in Illinois?

  2. And as for Eric PlaceHolder, he was a Covington and Burling guy.

  3. Hey, corrupto, it’s way too easy. MERS satisfaction of mortgage, no bank records, VIOLA! Judges paid off easily with a phone call for a new mortgage. It happened to me….

  4. Because Corrupt Judges are a huge and the most important PART of this criminal enterprise and benefit from fraudulent foreclosures in many ways -either through “donations” (aka bribes) from banks and their lawyers to get their seats; or as shareholders to the same banks whose foreclosures they approve ; or through direct pays for favorable verdicts; or due to their family connections in banking and real estate business. All present in Illinois Court system.

    Wells Fargo bank (whose lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP (another part of the Wells Fargo criminal enterprise) ) STILL cannot produce copies of documents based on which judicial con artist Robert E. Senechalle who criminally concealed evidence from my case to steal my property – and zero attention from any official because IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Princess Lisa) is a daughter of political Mafia King Michael Madigan (aka IL Democratic Party Speaker) who placed about 90% of ALL judges on their position of power – and of course Lisa covers for banks and judicial fraud upon the Court and her father and his cronies’ corruption.

  5. It is not just non-judicial. Judicial too. Rampant across the country. And, where was Eric Holder?? Nice looking guy – who did nothing.

  6. YES!

  7. The scam just keeps on going.

  8. Foreclosure criminal enterprise well said slavery culture we put uniform working night shift while @WellsFargo blow away every thing we build for our retirement criminals should go to jail & give us our residence back! New people live in the cut or leave whichever trees 🌲 they pleased we r on the st & @WellsFargo still calling me doing research for my concern still playing mind game!

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