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Yes the bane of California-based litigators both attorneys and those in pro per is MERS, and the way California courts State and Federal routinely allow MERS assignments to be sanitized and made legitimate, notwithstanding the many issues with same assignments, from robo-sigining, to non-compliant declarations getting around the hearsay rule, to self-dealing and double-dealing. Well now we have Bill Paatalo back today on the West Coast Foreclosure show to discuss how litigants are using RTC 23302 Pt 1 to effectively attack certain MERS-based foreclosure-related assignments and the associated agency attendant to same assignments.

It’s about time to finish off MERS. It is so obviously the weakest link in the nonexistent Chain of Title. MERS functions only as a tool for those lawyers, foreclosure mills, subservicers and Wall Street entities who are the real power behind the curtain. It is an IT platform, maintained by a couple of dozen people. It is not secure because it doesn’t need to be. The banks don’t rely on MERS to keep records of anything. They use MERS to create documents that support the illusion of ownership or of right, title or interest in the debt, note or mortgage. At most MERS is a “naked nominee” implying some sort of agency to sign documents relating only to title and not to the the debt or the note. It handles no money in any transaction of any nature anywhere. It is a sham conduit.

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