Hacking Update

Several readers have asked for identification of the people who are responsible for the hacking and the question arose as to whether there were other activities by them that people should know about.

All the current evidence points to Tama a/k/a “TL” Anderson as the primary person who appears to have directly committed the hacks. She also, of late, has gone by the name “TL McKinstry.” Her husband may or may not be estranged from her. She said they were estranged. I don’t want to give his name unless we have additional evidence that he was acting in concert with Tama, or “TL” as everyone knew her. He has a sensitive job at a security firm and I suspect that he didn’t actively assist or conspire with Tama. In fact, I’m not yet convinced he knows anything about her activities.

Our two main websites are http://www.livinglies.wordpress.com and http://www.lendinglies.com. But “TL” has invented email addresses that appear to be email accounts on the LendingLies website. Those email addresses are not real, but they are used as a logon to accounts and data that are the property of GTC Honors, Inc., who owns the lendinglies and livinglies websites.  It seems likely that many people will receive correspondence or solicitation from websites with a similar sounding name to ours. If it has the word LIES in it and it isn’t LendingLies or LivingLies, then it isn’t from us and is probably a newly minted or newly used website.

So the real test of whether an email is genuine or spam created by her is simply to see what she says. If it says Neil Garfield or any other lawyer is under investigation or that we are terrible people, thieves or whatever, that is from Tama/TL. She is angry with me personally because a long time after we concluded a legal matter for her and her husband, she suddenly demanded a refund. The file was closed a year and a half before her surprise demand. After reviewing time, billing and the files, I refused to issue any refund as did the other attorney involved. She also thinks I “betrayed” her in some way. I have no knowledge as to what that relates to.

She has also hacked in and downloaded a number of files from our ftp site. We are investigating that but it doesn’t seem that she got anything that would pose a threat or problem. But some of the files were technically privileged, proprietary or private. We will advise you accordingly. At this moment she seems to have downloaded mostly articles, book contents and public records documents.

At this point we will notify law enforcement and the Florida Bar to get guidance on our next steps.

Please address any inquiries about this incident to neilfgarfield@hotmail.com.

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  1. @Laz,

    I’m guessing you’ve not experienced the medical industry lately.

    Next time you visit a clinic in anticipation of a procedure, ask everyone you meet, “How much does this procedure cost?”.

    Also, before you even get a seat in the arena, you’ll be signing one of those forms that states, “….patient will be billed for amounts exceeding those paid by any insurance”.

    Talk about adhesion contracts.

    The best, though, is when one pays cash in full upon exit from the doctors’ office, then receives a bill a week later for the rest.

    Lawyers got nothin’ on them.

  2. It is dis-heartening when the lawyer, who gets paid $350-$650/hour looses your case, but they get to keep their pay regardless, and, many times insist on additional compensation when they actually do win, as a commission for doing their job correctly, when no other profession can act in this manner?!?
    Imagine hiring a roofer to re-roof your home. You pay him his contract amount and he roofs your house, but, when the first rains come, the roofer calls you to ask if the roof is working properly, keeping the rain outside from your home, and, when you reply that the roof is working as a roof should work, the roofer insists on a percentage of the value of your home, because he actually did his job correctly and provided the value that you contracted with him to provide.
    I understand the differences, but, it’s hard to swallow that pill, especially when the people paying the lawyers fee, are making less than $50/hr, and, who among us even makes that much. Very few…
    The legal system really does suck, but, what’s most dis-heartening is the fact that the rule of law is not being applied properly, or, we all would be winning instead..

  3. Sounds like Neil didn’t win. And this time the customer did something about it. All these wonderful legal theories. (Which most I agree with). Yet Way too many losses going on for 10 years now and the lawyers still get paid !

  4. The Frog and Scorpion

    Once upon a time there was a Frog. One day, a great fire broke out on his side of the river. The Frog knew he’d better swim to the other side, lest he be boiled alive. Just as he was about to leave, a Scorpion hurried up to him and said,

    “Hey Mr. Frog, I wonder if you might be so kind as to give me a ride across the river on your back so we both might be saved.”

    Frog knew that the Scorpion could not swim but was uneasy to assist.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Frog. “You have a deadly sting. You might kill me.”

    “But why would I do that?” replied Scorpion. “If I stung you, we would both drown.”

    “Mmm,” thought the Frog. “That makes sense…. Alright, jump onto my back and I will give you a ride across the river.”

    So the Scorpion jumped onto the Frog’s back and the Frog began to swim across the river. But halfway across, the Scorpion took his deadly stinger and stuck it into Frog’s back anyway. As the poison filled the Frog’s body his arms began to stiffen and they both began to sink.

    “Why, oh why?” gasped the Frog in despair.

    “Sorry Mr. Frog,” said the Scorpion. “Blame me not, it is not my fault; it is that of my nature; it is a constitutional habit I have of stinging.

    And together they drowned.

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