It has been brought to my attention that a mass email has been sent using private and proprietary email addresses owned by myself, LivingLies and related entities. The illegal act is part of an overall scheme making false accusations against myself, LivingLies, and another attorney. The offending email is from a volunteer for LivingLies who had access up until early this year.  During that time she apparently gained access and downloaded lists of email addresses from several different personal and proprietary email accounts; she is now using it to promote her own site, by making disparaging, false and misleading accusations obviously for her own profit.

The obvious intent shown in the offending email is to cause harm and to extort a nuisance settlement. The email accounts that were hacked are now either closed or protected by highly secured means.

A letter has been sent to her demanding retraction and making demands that she and her husband cease and desist from making such defamatory accusations. Investigators are now determining where she and her husband can be served with a complaint for injunction and damages. NOTE: She may also have some phone numbers in which she is making or accepting calls in which she is most likely continuing her scheme by making libelous statements.

Our apologies for this breach of our data.

Should anyone wish to write to us about this breach please send an email to




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  1. be careful when you help someone who is not ready to help themselves – you’ll always get blamed (no good deed goes unpunished)

  2. The Frog and Scorpion

    Once upon a time there was a Frog. One day, a great fire broke out on his side of the river. The Frog knew he’d better swim to the other side, lest he be boiled alive. Just as he was about to leave, a Scorpion hurried up to him and said,

    “Hey Mr. Frog, I wonder if you might be so kind as to give me a ride across the river on your back so we both might be saved.”

    Frog knew that the Scorpion could not swim but was uneasy to assist.

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Frog. “You have a deadly sting. You might kill me.”

    “But why would I do that?” replied Scorpion. “If I stung you, we would both drown.”

    “Mmm,” thought the Frog. “That makes sense…. Alright, jump onto my back and I will give you a ride across the river.”

    So the Scorpion jumped onto the Frog’s back and the Frog began to swim across the river. But halfway across, the Scorpion took his deadly stinger and stuck it into Frog’s back anyway. As the poison filled the Frog’s body his arms began to stiffen and they both began to sink.

    “Why, oh why?” gasped the Frog in despair.

    “Sorry Mr. Frog,” said the Scorpion. “Blame me not, it is not my fault; it is that of my nature; it is a constitutional habit I have of stinging.

    And together they drowned.

  3. Neil – did she also get passwords associated with our accounts that we use here on LivingLies? If so let us know ASAP as we may need to change login passwords since many use the same ones on various sites. Thanks!

  4. my bet is on TLA

  5. What are the accusations, and who is the other attorney?

  6. Dear Mr. Garfield,
    Perhaps you would put her name.
    We are dealing with Connie. Is Connie still with you?
    Last week several our emails were rejected with a fail to delivery message.

  7. Always some ridiculous drama with fraudclosures. It never ends.

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