Wells Fargo Bank: Fraud or “Error”

This was no mistake. It is one of many ploys to make modification unlikely or impossible. WFB wants foreclosures not modifications. That way they get to steal from investors, steal from homeowners and get away with it!

Once again, WFB is caught cheating homeowners, producing needless foreclosures (using the so-called “modification” process), leaving the homeowners in the dirt with an offer of $20,000 to settle the claims of fraudulent foreclosures.

Even though they claim the “error” existed — adding the attorney fees to the amount supposedly due — they knew three years ago and did nothing to  make the homeowners whole.

And this is a company that gets the benefit of the doubt when their lawyers proffer “documents” (i.e., fabrications) to the court seeking legal presumptions of validity.

The court is empowered to tell them they have no such presumptions and to prove the truth of the matters asserted. It’s time they did so.

see Wells Fargo Admits 400 Wrongful Foreclosures

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  1. That women nothing no talk coming out?!

  2. corruptionpedia2 — I found her! Thanks.

  3. corruptionpedia2 — I actually need to talk to the woman in the video? Do you have a contact?

  4. corruptionpedia2 — I missed your video the first time. Please provide your contact information. I would like to talk to you.

  5. This behavior is currently being exhibited by Chase (in the case of my loan) and undoubtedly by most TBTF “banks”.
    What can be done about it?

  6. Wells Fargo bank accelerated their foreclosures mill and started to steal houses in astronomic proportions as soon as the ink dried on 2011 Consent Orders telling Wells to stop stealing houses with forged documents. And judges and attorneys generals helped Wells and completely ignored National Mortgage Settlement and all applicable laws.

    During many years Wells Fargo bank sold void US securities (aka non-existing REMIC Trust mortgage certificates) on foreign exchange markets to very shady investors and laundered trillions of dark money through the US Court system.

    I have a copy of Wells public offering on August 13&14 2013 in Dublin Ireland where Wells Fargo told “investors” that they are buying securities (backed by US people houses) which are not registered with US regulators. I doubt if ANY legit investor would invest in such risky and unlawful transaction, except those who need to launder their criminal funds. A part of this offering is cited below:

    Under Section 3(c) “Condition of the sale” WFB stated:
    “Some or all of the securities constituting the Collateral may not have been and will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Act”), or any applicable state securities laws and may not be sold or transferred without registration under such Act and applicable state securities law or the availability of valid exemptions from such registration requirements.”.

    Under Section 3(f) “Condition of the sale” WFB continued:
    “A bid by any person will be deemed to be a representation that such bidder has sufficient knowledge and experience in business and financial matters to evaluate properly the merits and risks of investment in the Collateral and that such bidder has had such access to information concerning the Collateral as such bidder deems necessary to make an informed investment decision and has taken advice from those advisors as such person has deemed necessary and that neither the Trustee nor any other party connected with the Sales of the Collateral is a fiduciary or investment advisor to such person. Further, such bidder may be required to establish that such bidder is able to bear the economic risks involved in investment in the Collateral.”

    In my case Wells Fargo filed a totally fraudulent complaint telling that MERS was a “mortgagee” for my loan while MERS was not a mortgagee; and the JUDGE criminally concealed documents forged by Wells Fargo based on which he ruled in favor of the fake “Plaintiff” Deutsche Bank (who personally deny its involvement in foreclosures) from my case records. As of today nobody seen these documents – yet all JUDGES ruled in favor of Wells Fargo bank (whose lawyers gave JUDGES very substantial money for elections).

    One of hidden parties in my case are A.G. Edwards, inc. former part of Wachovia, now Wells Fargo branch. Wachovia was well-known for laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels.

    At least 6 judges in my case either took money from Wells lawyers or had family relations with them and did anything possible to convert a text-book fraud into a “valid judgement” using threats, bullying and harassment from the bench. They even invited an impersonator to pose as a “criminal prosecutor” to scary and intimidate me to preclude from seeking justice!

    Attached is a link how fraudulently Wells handled modification for a woman which she posted on website. Until Wells Fargo bank pays a REAL price, at least 10 million per fraudulent foreclosure, and reverse all void judgements – nothing will happen. With laughable settlements like $35.00 per fraudulent accounts; and $12,800 for a lost home Wells will continue its criminal activities and steal anything in value from people.

    National Mortgage Settlement must be audited and Wells Fargo bank must provide proof of its compliance.

  7. What about the foreclosure after 2015, I lost mine due Fake Modification in last year 2017. Will there be setlment? @WellsFargo Modification is nothing more than set up! & they r after nickle & dime kind of customer baby boomer disable …etc

  8. One word: FRAUD…

  9. It was no mistake. It is described in the Wells Fargo forclosure mannual

  10. Error can still be recklessness, and where there is recklessness, there can be punitive damages (in Cali).

    borrowers affected by this should lawyer up and sue over it, not take the cookie cutter offer from Wells.

  11. Neil or anyone- In the above post, Neil infers that “adding attorneys fees” to the amount supposedly due isn’t allowable. Is t it on the note itself that attorneys fees will be added in case of a default?
    Or is this only on commercial loans?

  12. Foreclosure on property eviction by Freddie Mac. Original lender Taylor, Bean, Whitaker. When they were shut down homeowner received a letter saying to send payments to Cenlar. Just recently preparing for court, found paperwork and statements cancelled checks showing homeowner was current up until the time it got in the hands of OCWEN. Ocwen had homeowner in default from day one. Three guesses all payments made to Cenlar never got credited. Cenlar assignment never recorded in the Registry of Deeds. MERS as nominee for TBW to Ocwen. Qualified Written Request sent to servicer yielded a property in Arizona (also a TBW loan). Basically, we have servicers not only STEALING money but homes, and courts turn a blind eye. Freddie Mac is complicit with crimes being committed against homeowners. WARNING TO ALL HOMEOWNERS DEMAND A PAY HISTORY ON YOUR ACCOUNTS EVERY 6 MONTHS FROM EACH AND EVERY SERVICER (DEBT COLLECTOR) THAT TOUCHES YOUR LOAN. SAVE YOUR PAPERWORK, CANCELLED CHECKS IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. THIEVES ALL OF THEM.

  13. They stole my townhouse in 2013. It’s exactly as I have told all of you many times here. They are the criminals and the deadbeats. NOT ME !!!

  14. This is a result of the Holm v Wells & Freddie and just as with the ROBO signing settlement, all these lenders were employing Docx. Wells was represented by Kozeny & McCubbin who is forging documents to foreclose on as many as 104,000 Washington Mutual Bank FHA & VA loans that neither Wells or Ginnie Mae is on the Notes or Titles, as they not purchased any of this debt. Does not matter what they feel but what they have to show ownership as UCC9 requires. I bet these Fannie & Freddie miscalculations it that it actually “No Standing” Justice & OCC took out of the payout category.

    The 625 was chum in the water like the 1.5 million forged accounts they first admitted too that ballooned to 3.7 million forged accounts. Wells had two opportunities in the ROBO settlement and the Independent Foreclosure Review Board that was addressing this issue, however, Eric Holder and his Justice Department failed to address the crimes committed against the homeowners and allow the bank to simply get away without proper restitution!

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