Pope Francis: Help from an Unexpected Source — Derivative Markets “Ethically Unacceptable”

Warren Buffett saw it 15 years ago after analysis performed on the derivative markets. He said that the derivatives, as they were then (and now) being used, were “financial weapons of mass destruction.” If he was ignored what chance does anyone else have?

Enter Pope Francis from the perspective of income and wealth inequality and arriving at the conclusion that the aim of the derivative market was to create and trade on poverty and financial distress.

And he called out the financial system as a whole as being a “ticking time bomb,” something that many of us have been saying for years, starting (like Buffett) from before the manifestation of the Ponzi scheme that was ridiculously named “securitization.”


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see – Pope Francis Calls Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps Immoral

The financial markets have long identified themselves as being “amoral.” Just part of the capitalistic system which is code for “if you do it for money, then it’s OK.” Accepting that argument would mean that a perfect defense to a murder charge is that it was based upon the desire to get money.

The Pope assails “unbridled global capitalism.” He isn’t a socialist. The Vatican is merely pointing out that the chaos we call society has tilted the playing field such that capitalism has moved from a system of finance to a system of governance.

Instead of government reigning in and holding the banks accountable for targeting people of low income and people in poverty (along with everyone else) politicians have (a) taken Wall Street assertions as though they were the product of thorough investigation and (b) blamed the victims and forced them to bear the cost of the blow out that only the Wall Street could have created.

Mainstream media succumbed to this phenomenon. They started off with exposes and investigative journalism only to abandon the follow-up that might have educated the consumer population. Some journalists were told point blank to lay off critical pieces on banks. That became increasingly difficult as verdicts and settlements started pouring like rain all based upon fraud, which the Pope references. They were all based upon investigations, administrative findings and allegations from all attorneys general in the country and many if not most of the investors who were duped into buying worthless “certificates” that existed only in the digital world.

The Vatican analysts came to the same conclusion I did in 2006. Dozens of other analysts across the world came to the same conclusion, some before me and most after me.

The conclusion reached by this group of writers and investigators was basically the same although phrased differently, person to person, to wit: virtually all “loans” generated over the past 20 years have been based upon fiction —  a fictional value for the home, a fictional value for the household income (ability to repay) a fictional value for the “certificates” issued by a fictionally named “trust” that was in fact the bank doing business under the fictitious name of the “trust.”

In 2003, Buffett warned of crisis if the government did not intervene in the proliferation of derivative trading and underwriting. The predicted crisis arrived. Now the Vatican is warning of another one perhaps worse than the 2008 crash. Nobody wants to hear that.

Federal and State lending laws state that the responsibility for determining whether the debt will be repaid lies with the bank underwriting the “loan.” Yet the banks were the only entities to come out of the Great 2008 Recession not only whole, but bigger and stronger. The consumer is seen and treated as meat for the hungry bear. Just ask anyone on Wall Street.

Ultimately the responsibility for what governance is acceptable lies with voters. But they only exercise that control when they vote. The status quo is elevating our financial system to a governance system. It leaves the banks in control of most domestic and global issues. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of the same things: (a) their sole driving  force is retention of power and (b) pushing down fresh new candidates who actually want to accomplish something. The Banks agree.

If you want something different, then VOTE!


7 Responses

  1. “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain.

  2. see also: http://ttte.wikia.com/wiki/Thomas_in_Trouble

  3. Part of the society “brainwash” (an editors lampoon on the original children’s’ show)

    From: Thomas the Tank Engine series narrated by the famous English Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr.
    SUBJECT: “The law is the law and you can’t change it….”

    The entire premise runs amok against the constitutions for the United States of America and each member State! If the American people, the acknowledged sovereigns by the US Supreme Court of this theoretical “more perfect union” cannot change their own laws, then who can?


    Like Neil and I have both said – “vote” – but don’t do it like a moron under someone else’s advice – research and make your own choices even if it goes against your historical family or community pressures. It just might save your children from the fate you now endure.


  4. YES YES Neil. And, derivative ownership is concealed from the public.

    Problem is — Dems and Reps are the same. Hammertime is correct.

  5. Destroys the fake higher moral ground used against us. Any politician that receives money from banksters or has a mortgage, business loan needs to b gone.

  6. Pope Francis is a economic socialist and is widely ignored throughout the Catholic lay community as he is basically a heretic to established doctrine. However he is right on this count as was Warren Buffet.

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