Look at Freddie Mac Stacr Notes

Freddie Mac Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR®) debt notes are unsecured and unguaranteed bonds issued by Freddie Mac whose principal payments are determined by the delinquency and principal payment experience on a STACR Reference Pool consisting of recently- acquired single family mortgages from a specified period.

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The point is not technical and it isn’t a theory. Freddie is validating a central tactic of false claims of securitization i.e., that the debt owed by homeowners is being converted into an unsecured, unguaranteed debt of an entity  that has no legal existence and which does not own the debt underlying the execution of a note and mortgage. This is a substitution of obligors — from the homeowner to some entity that issues notes or certificates to investors.

Where does the homeowner’s debt go? Does Freddie own the debt? Will they own the debt after the STACR notes are issued? Who owns the paper? Who owns the debt?

All this is getting lost under the presumption that we only need to look at the paper — the note and mortgage — and we need not concern ourselves with the debt. That’s true in default situations where debtors fail to defend or object. The goal in discovery is to show that the debt has become intentionally separated from the note and mortgage. Hence there is the very real obligation to pay the debt PLUS the potential liability on the note, which is the only way that a mortgage can be used in foreclosure.

The actual owner of the debt is obvious under black letter law: the obligee is the owner of the debt.

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  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    Precisely the point! And who is Freddie Mac? The answer: A government agency (FHFA) run corporation seized under Bush claiming false pretenses and strangled under Obama. FHFA has ZERO judicial oversight and we can all look to the Pelosi Congress for creating an agency that usurps the balance of powers that preserves our liberty.

  2. I don’t know how Gov courts judges r still blind on Neil Garfield info and the innocent victims out of their house n nothing is happening

  3. @ Anon ,

    Negative on help from the Rats ,, they are in the banksters pocket same as the Pubbies,, only hope is with an outsider. Maybe in DECADES if the swamp draining continues will we have the RULE OF LAW again in this country.

  4. Is it possible to get back a house after it is foreclosed and sold illegally?
    Say, for example, if the Democrats were to become powerful in the House and Senate?

  5. I agree with Chip Wilkes ,, Facebook live and publish on Youtube ..

  6. What about Fannie Mae…same thing or similar?

  7. Neil — YES YES YES

  8. Looks like any party can show up in court and get a foreclosure on a piece of paper then March over to the FDIC to collect insurance on all their phony losses. We the taxpayers are paying for all this crap

    No one seems to care.

  9. More of the shell game. Where is the little white ball now? Whose debt is it and where is the note?

  10. Neil and the powers that be.. I would advise you to move your platform from Podcast to Facebook Live.. you will be in the face of millions.. not hidden behind obscure email sign ups, your reach will be deeper and wider then what you have now.

    As example.. look at what Grant Cardone has done with FBLive to reach a massive audience.


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