The Police Call It “TestiLying”

The robo-witnesses called by the fake servicers to testify at the trial of a foreclosure action regularly lie about their personal knowledge and understanding of the loan process, the collection process and the foreclosure process. They are given a script the  content of which is completely unknown to them. This is perjury when it happens and it seems to be happening most of the time in foreclosure cases.

It turns out that lying on the witness stand is very common, including police officers called to testify. They joke about it, calling TESTILYING.

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See Police Testilying and Robo-witnesses

False testimony by police seems to be as old as law enforcement. Except that when a law enforcement officer does it, the false testimony law is not enforced.

And, we can add that when the robo-witness in a foreclosure trial or deposition gives false testimony the trial court usually shrugs it off there too.

I think it is time we used a name for it, just like robo-signing. This time the police did it for us — testilying.

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  1. N, I agree with you 100%. Sociopaths are very well represented.

  2. @ Louise ,

    The BAR is no different than the Teamsters under the Mob,, they serve their members by forcing pay higher by demanding and creating the need for their services , making going without their services unthinkable because they control outcomes through rulemaking and control of the Judge and protecting their members from harm by placing themselves in charge of all investigations and complaints….

  3. the republican party of Abraham Lincoln was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin on the rights of “all men” under the constitution regardless of race or creed – Now horribly, it has been misconstrued under influence of banking and special interest groups to become the antithesis of what is was founded for…

  4. The so-called Bar has been out of control for a very long time, and it is getting worse. Lots of sociopaths in the ranks of lawyers.

  5. Neil ,

    This is why people in general absolutely despise lawyers ,, they abuse everything and everybody who is not a BAR member to get what they want… and they answer to no-one as they have set the BAR up as the judge/jury&executioner for misconduct.. but the BAR does nothing because it is just the equivalent of filing a complaint with the police ,, they conduct their own investigation , after all evidence is destroyed, and find nothing , they exist to enable the conduct.

    That is why change needs to come down from the top… The Supremes in Jesinoski was great ,, but where are the criminal proceedings against robosigners? When will Moynihan be wearing orange?

    The BAR needs to be ripped away from every role they are given in the states.. Just make them subservient to actual State run processes for licensing and discipline ,, take their STOLEN POWER away…

    Abraham Lincoln could never have been a lawyer if there was an Illinois bar at the time.

  6. And I believe that Attorneys Cody/Shill , (Lake Oswego area high dollar lawyer shills, Oregon used exactly this sort of “evidence” in my losing $340,))) to Wilbur Ross, Jr, et al in Fed Ct Portland 2014..and by the way, I have long predicted that Trump and Ross Jr (ass kissing “Buddies”) have been in bed together for years. They are “next door neighbors at Trumps Maralago personal money bag S. Florida “Palace”. Ross Jr either “owns 1 or 2 Carribian off shore money laundering banks (or sits on the senior board of one and “owns” the other. I predict that the only “reason he has not “fired” his Sec of Commerce, Wilbur Ross Jr is because Trump must “owe” Ross big time, it may come out, that Ross has been TRUMPS SELF SERVICE MONEY LAUNDRY so it stands to reason Trump needs to keep Ross Jr “close to the vest”. In that case Ross Jr and Trump, et al may even see sleeping together at Ft Leavenworth Kansas Fed Penitentiary (I do so pray to God

    I note there has been little or no Investigator Mueller published meetings with Ross Jr, yet nor any Congressional hearing re Ross Jrs very long history with his good neighbor, TRUMP.

    Maybe BOTH Ross Jr and Trump could sue me for libel (i “hunger” for that 2 birds, one stone). Hey, maybe they could BOTH sue Trumps Porn Star lady and me at the same less cost to Trump iof he brought Ross into his sordid sex life..hey, I am “reaching, I know that but if ya cain’t have a bit of humor in all this then all I have left is to cry! And I am running out of TRUMP cards with wear and tear on whats left of my now 79 yr old body
    Anyway, the :trials” and tribulations of the Geezerkatz, marches on.

    Best to all to my fellows and ladys Living Lies bloggers. Maybe a few might know how I can start
    media” attn on this set of pregnant thoughts!

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