Denied a Loan Modification or Refinance from Bank of America?


Thanks to Investigator Bill Paatalo for bringing this class action to our attention.


Bank of America Lawsuit Information

The U.S. Government introduced the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) as part of the Making Home Affordable (MHA) plan to stabilize the housing market. Under this federal loan modification program, monthly mortgage payments were reduced by modifying components such as interest rates, maturity date, and even loan principal.

Several homeowners benefited from this loan modification program, but if you were a Bank of America customer you may have been wrongly denied this benefit. The U.S. Department of Justice has uncovered several facts suggesting that Bank of America intentionally delayed or wrongfully denied homeowners requests for refinancing their mortgage. B of A delayed or denied the HAMP requests using several “bogus reasons” such as improper notarization, causing countless homeowners such as yourself to suffer excessive fees, interest, unreasonable delays, or foreclosure.

There is now an active lawsuit against Bank of America based on allegations that the bank deliberately dishonored agreements with homeowners to modify their mortgage payments. Call us now at 1‑855‑509‑1811 or fill out this form to find out if you are eligible to participate in this lawsuit and receive substantial compensation. Consultation is free of charge and we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Denied Bank of America Refinancing?

If you were a Bank of America Home Loan customer on or before January 1, 2009, and your application for refinancing through the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) under the Making Home Affordable (MHA) plan was delayed or denied, this message is for you.

The U.S. Department of Justice has completed an investigation into Bank of America’s handling of loan modification requests which uncovered facts suggesting the company intentionally delayed or wrongly denied many homeowners requests to modify their mortgage payments. B of A used “bogus reasons” such as improper notarization to deny the HAMP requests, causing countless homeowners, like you, to suffer excessive fees, interest, unreasonable delays, or foreclosure. These homeowners are now eligible to receive substantial compensation by participating in an active lawsuit against Bank of America.

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  1. To ALL those impacted by this fraud, or about to be in similar straights…. sorry for your losses. I did not think I would be reinventing myself at this late stage of life. However….Never too late to reinvent one’s self…

  2. It’s been 7 years since SLS foreclosed our house & denied our refinance request . We found out later, they bought our house at the county action & sold it at the price we were asking. Can they still be held liable? I always thought SLS wrongly & maliciously foreclosed the house for their own gain.

  3. @sunman – the same thing happened to use we lost our 401k AND our home after a five year battle. We also lost our dignity along the way. I begged and pleaded with the guy who wanted my waterfront house – begged him not to take it. that was in March 2015 and I’m still not over it – I never will be.

  4. The same thing needs to happen to Wells Fargo. I have hard cold proof of their loan modification scheme & they are still doing it today. I am in the process on my fathers home & it would make your hair curl with what they are doing. I thought all that money being spent on ad campaigns of “making things right” just give the $ back to the victims of illegal foreclosures & for God’s sake someone hold them accountable.

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    Spread the word, because you won’t hear this on the MSM.

  6. Here were Sen Warren, Representatives in Waters & Cumming under the Obama Administration ask Atty Gen Eric “Judas” Holder to release all the victims found under the Independent Foreclosure Review Board.

    Holder did not release the victims’ names as they receive as much as $6,000 to $350 for not having the modification request reviewed while denying as if they were reviewed!

    This has been my Feb 10, 2012, SEC Whistleblower compliant addressing the 800,000 Ginnie Mae pooled FHA, VA, USDA loan that could not be modified or foreclosed because of the UCC3 & UCC9!

  7. Thank you Neil and Team Livinglies! This is something I can definitely use. Will keep you posted on outcome.

    Karen Saint
    646 504 2581


  8. What about Wells Fargo bank the denied me fabricate storybrobo sign why just BoA please help!

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  10. I have been fighting nasty, crooked old Bank if America and all its co-conspirators for over 8 years now. I have contacted our very own government many many times with all the evidence I have regarding five (5) loans that were allegedly originated and “table funded” by Countrywide and have gotten nowhere with the DOJ, CFPB, Fannie Mae and more. Little wonder because they are ALL in on it or know about it. Good luck because the only ones that make out are the attorneys who get millions while we property owners get nothing or pennies on the dollar like the clever phony class action suit here in Colorado where the 10th Circuit Court ruled against Bank of
    America and Urban Settlement Services supposedly in George et al. V. Urban and B of A. Steve Berman gets rich while the rest of us get nothing and they turned me down to be a member of the so called class action which is great because I don’t want to settle for pennies when they owe me over one million on the five phony loans. Semper Fi

  11. Same with U.S. Bank… I could find no evidence of the “Trust” A half dozen reassignments in as many months…. 4.5 years to put into the “Trust” Still was foreclosed on… Cost me everything, like so many millions more of U.S.

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