Support David Frank for Florida’s Second Circuit in Tallahassee

Attorney David Frank is running for Circuit Judge to serve the citizens of the Second Judicial Circuit, Group 12.  David is known as an evidence-code guru and is detested by the Foreclosure Mills.  He has remained in the foreclosure trenches and taken on the most devious lenders.  Please support David Frank because foreclosure is a civil rights and personal injury issue.

David entered the private practice of law in 1998.  The Frank Law Firm was involved in personal injury, civil rights, and consumer protection litigation including foreclosure and collection law. He has been the lead trial counsel and co-counsel for numerous jury trials in state and federal courts and settlements that resulted in major recoveries for catastrophically injured clients and wrongful deaths.

David has helped improve the lives of hundreds of clients through his work, including abused children and the elderly, victims of sexual assault and discrimination, citizens whose constitutional rights had been violated, residents of our community who had been injured or lost property due to natural disaster and accidents, residents who were at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure, the seriously ill who have been denied the vital medical care and medicines they need, and consumers hurt by defective products.  He is a soldier for those who have been damaged by unscrupulous corporations.

Military Accomplishments

Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy, West Point, in 1978, David Frank received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Having completed the U.S. Army Airborne and Ranger Schools, his first assignment was the Republic of Panama, where he served as the Platoon Leader in the 193rd Infantry Brigade during the tense transition period implementing the Panama Canal Treaty. 

First Lieutenant Frank was one of five officers in the entire Brigade selected for assignment with the U.S. Army 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Force Group, in Panama. After passing the exceptionally demanding Special Force Qualification Course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and earning his prestigious “Green Beret,” David became the Executive Officer, then Commander, of a Special Forces A Detachment (A Team). After completing the Special Forces SCUBA School, Captain Frank became the Commander of the Battalion’s Combat Underwater Diver Detachment.

Captain Frank returned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, completed the U.S. Army Special Forces Military Freefall Parachute Course, referred to as High Altitude – Low Opening (HALO) to take command of the U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group’s elite and highly classified Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM) Detachment, also called the “Green Light Team.”

For his last assignment, Captain Frank was one of three 7th Special Forces Group officers selected to lead an A Detachment to the Republic of Honduras during the Salvadoran and Nicaraguan insurgencies, for which he was awarded the prestigious Department of Defense Joint Service Commendation Medal.


After his distinguished military service in the United States Army, David served his country again, this time as a civilian Intelligence Analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was responsible for civil – military analysis on Nicaragua during the Contra insurgency and for Colombia during the rise of the narcotics kingpins. He integrated, evaluated, and analyzed large amounts of information collected by human and technical intelligence means and public sources for immediate and long term implications under demanding deadlines. He also provided numerous briefings to high level US and foreign government officials and input to several inter-agency working groups and published numerous classified articles for a wide audience of policymakers that included the President, Vice President, Cabinet members, the National Security Council, Congress, and other senior executive branch officials. For his service at the CIA, David was awarded two commendations from the Director for work during the 1989 Operation Just Cause in Panama and for work preparing U.S. leadership for the 1990 Drug Summit in Cartagena, Colombia.


David and his family moved to Tallahassee in 1991 so David could attend the Florida State University College of Law. Within a short period after graduation, David was given an opportunity to continue his government service, this time for the State of Florida, as an Assistant Attorney General. During his tenure, David represented Florida Department of Corrections officials named as defendants in civil rights lawsuits for alleged violations of constitutional rights.

He was one of four attorneys selected to serve in a special branch called Institutional Reform Litigation (“IRL branch”). As an IRL litigator, he represented the Governor and state agency heads in complex class action lawsuits in federal and state court. He was lead counsel for the State of Florida defendants in two major federal class actions and one state court class action. The financial consequence or monetary value of the long-term relief sought in each of these class actions was hundreds of millions of dollars. He served as lead counsel and co-counsel for federal jury trials in Tallahassee, Panama City, and Jacksonville. He also defended Florida State University and the Florida Department of Transportation in state court negligence jury trials in Tallahassee and Panama City.



David Frank earned a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy (West Point), New York; a Master of International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Washington D.C.; and a Juris Doctorate with High Honors from the Florida State University College of Law, Tallahassee, Florida.


David Frank received the “AV” civil trial lawyer rating, the highest rating given by the preeminent national lawyer rating service, Martindale Hubbell, has been recognized by Florida Trend magazine as one of Florida’s “Elite Lawyers,” was honored as a “Best Lawyers” in America and a Florida “Super Lawyer.” He has been asked to speak as a guest lecturer on civil trial litigation topics, Constitutional law, and evidence.


Chair, Martin Luther King, Jr. Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Founders of Justice Society
Partner-in-Service, Legal Services of North Florida
Fallen Heroes Fund
American Legion

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  1. I’m not in the panhandle but this is the type of judge we need… I love evidence… I gained YET ANOTHER entity claiming to own my note just a week ago… I wonder if ANY of them can show HIDC… I know the answer because I know who the real originator and first sale was and NONE of it is in the official record.

    Bring on the truth.

  2. Luckily for Mr. Frank, I do not live in Florida because I would never vote for him. This email is asking for his vote on one issue — foreclosure. I am always wary of someone who has had such a long history with the military. Some of the expeditions that he was on may be termed heroic by some, especially those in the military, but, as I see it, the U.S. was meddling in others affairs and Mr. Frank was there to help carry out corporate desires in those foreign countries.

    There are many people who will vote for a candidate on one issue which can be dangerous in the long run because all of that candidate’s other policies might just be a vote for business as usual, meaning a tacit support of the endemic corruption that grips this nation.

  3. Nothing in California? Judges here especially in Los Angeles are in favor of these banks. Why is that?

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