Investigator Bill Paatalo: JPMorgan Chase Ordered To Produce Wire Transfers Of Borrower’s Payments To Trust

Things are going to get real interesting now! On February 15th, 2018, the following Order was handed down in the Circuit Court for Palm Beach County, Florida. Here is a little background on this case.

The Plaintiff is current on his loan that was originated in 2005 by Washington Mutual Bank, F.A., and has never been declared in “default.” However, having become aware that serious defects may exist over the title to his property, Plaintiff sought answers to the most basic questions. Who owns my loan? And, who is receiving my payments?

As most readers can guess, the answers to these questions have been met with great resistance and animosity by Chase’s counsel. This begs the question, why would JPMorgan Chase, as the alleged servicer for the Plaintiff’s loan that is not delinquent, fight tooth and nail over having to disclose this information? I believe we may have the answer to this question within the next 9-days. This is because the Court, upon a Motion to Compel evidence, has just Ordered JPMorgan Chase to produce to Plaintiff, “(1) wire transfer history for Plaintiff’s account reflecting payments made to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and forwarded to Wells Fargo or any other entity via wire transfer; and (2) servicing agreements between Chase and Wells Fargo authorizing Chase to service the loan and enforce the note and mortgage.” 

Here’s the testimony of two Chase witnesses who were deposed prior to this Order. First, we have Chase in-house counsel Matthew Dudas:

Dudas depo snip 1

Dudas depo snip 2Dudas snip 3


Then there’s the testimony of Peter Katsikas:

Katsikas depo snip - Proodian


I believe the rationale behind this Order stems from the fact this is a non-default situation. Chase’s attorneys are struggling to defend this action because they cannot rely upon the worn-out “deadbeat trying to score a free house” argument. I’ve been saying for years now that the banks may have dominated the narrative in the foreclosure realm thus far, but they are going to be in big trouble if/when the masses of borrowers, who are “current” on their mortgages, begin their own crusade for answers as to who owns their loan, AND WHERE ARE THEIR PAYMENTS GOING? Until these questions are properly answered through verified evidence, no one’s title and money is safe.

Things are going to get very interesting now!

Bill Paatalo

Private Investigator – OR PSID# 49411

BP Investigative Agency, LLC

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  1. Wells Fargo CREATED the default when they told us to stop 🛑 payment as our hardship modification was underway… my loans was mered robo’d and Asc to Wells Fargo to J.P. Morgan to EMC ( who is the last BS reason saying they refused to lower our interest rate) then. Bear sterns trustee for us bank !

    Now I await the Marshall for the 4th time !

  2. Personally with the owners of the Mortgages in question all foreclosure actions should be suspended. What is going to happen to all the people who are foreclosed on our decide to leave the home because of perpetual years and years of litigation and s medical problems that have happened because of this and then the government finally decides to step in do something. What happens to all these people who were never deadbeats but trusted the bank? So only if you remain in foreclosure indefinitely do we get help. I am so confused. This is not right to continue hurry people in this matter. We want to move on and or this behind us but I could not imagine what happens since I am being forced out of my home from being in a perpetual forclosure situation and medical problems are starting. I amb from in shock over all this that is happening.

  3. Where one litigant wins, thousands fail. Is it because we are wrong? Nope. It is because the snakes outspend us. Good to hear someone had enough money for depositions and the usually corrupt court listened. Getting the corrupt courts to listen is the biggest hurdle even if you have the money to stay in the game.

    No mortgage….ever again.

  4. Amen Chip! Thank you Bill!

    When I caught my big bank not owning my Note but collecting my payments 10 years ago, I stopped paying them. During our foreclosure battle that is still going on, I’ve simply asked for wire transfer documentation to see who was receiving my money. They continue to deny my requests, for obvious reasons.

    Looking forward to the Florida Supreme Court’s decision on attorney fees for Defendants winning due to lack of standing… In the meantime, thank you to Bill and everyone in this network for all that you do!!!

  5. Hi Neil, you might want to reflect back at Carol’s case in Tennessee to which they tried to get the Original loan documents after the Loan was paid off.

    john dunn Arkansas

  6. Hip Hip Horay !!!!!!!

  7. Excellent !

  8. Love following the outcome of this one because we too are a Washington Mutual Loan that CHASE claims as Owner and Invester, only after creation of fraudulent Allonge and Assignment.

  9. Wells Fargo couldn’t prove who owned my note in 2007/2008–they were dismissed without prejudice. My employer lied about their written capability to sell mortgage notes for Chase! When requested for the wire info on my case and all the other lies they’ve fed everyone they Disqualify and Recuse!

  10. Bill, your work is endless, tireless and priceless.. thank you for your determination!


    Semper Fi.. never surrender

  11. great job Bill.

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