Ghostwriter: Fabricating Original Wet Blue Ink Signatures — the Underlying Fraud Behind Nearly all Foreclosures

Want to know how they popped up with an “original” note that looked like the original?

“Our machines have been in government installations worldwide for over 60 years. The Ghostwriter T550 has been a popular machine. It offers the ability to sign signatures or short phrases on letters, awards, forms, and other correspondence. You are also able to enlarge or reduce the size of the signature to fit the signing area of the document. As with all Ghostwriter machines, security is a priority. Signatures are not stored in the machine but on a removable device. Machines are also equipped with passcode entry.”

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I thought it was obvious but after speaking to a number of lawyers I have discovered that they and their clients are not aware of the technology used to produce fabricated “original” documents.

Start off with the extensive study performed by Katherine Ann Porter (now running for Congress in California) at the University of Iowa which concluded that at least 40% of all notes were destroyed immediately after execution. There is no reasonable explanation for this behavior except that the banks thought they could come up with a reproduction of the original that was so life-like that it would be taken as the original document — even by the borrower.

Later investigations showed that as many as 99% of all notes were destroyed, lost or sequestered without regard to who or what owned the notes or the debt.

In 2008 I advised all readers to not admit that they were being shown the original note in court. The narrative is that they could not possibly know whether the signature was original or a reproduction (nor how many times the “original” had been reproduced for transactional purposes).

Here is the main point: nearly all promissory notes being used in residential mortgage foreclosures are fabrications with the borrower’s signature forged by mechanical devices that can not only mimic the signature, and the flow of the handwriting, but also create depth of impressions because these mechanical means employ the use of an actual pen.

Even experts can be mislead — especially if they are only using a copy of the “original.”

Practice Pointer: Discovery question; Please describe the conditions under which a mechanical device was used to reproduce documents and/or signatures relating to the subject alleged loan documents.

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  1. Neva Steffens-
    Thank you for reintroducing that fact- if you could link to the relevant FASB section that would be great.
    I just remember that a mortgage cannot exist as both collateral for a loan and collateral for an investor’s MBS certificate at the same time.
    But to have the accounting black and white statement of same would help all.

  2. Look up accounting FASB. Converting note to securitization cancels out the note.


    Personal research has NOT resulted in locating language/authority for the proposition that a purportedly securitized PROMISSORY NOTE was required to be destroyed BECAUSE once the PROMISSORY NOTE was CONVERTED to a RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITY instrument, both could no longer co-exist.

    No language/authority has been located under either SEC, GAAP, or other.

    Has ANYONE located any relevant clues on this CORE ISSUE to research and drill down on?

  4. Our home was foreclosed based on fabricated loan documents with forged signatures. When the servicer sent us a copy of the Note, they accidentally sent us a “Note” with no signatures on it. Then came with copy of Note with our signature. FBI and local police know about this and keeping quiet.

  5. Maxim – He who betrays his country is like the insane sailor who bores a hole in the ship which carries him.

  6. A giveaway is that I would expect only the signature page to have been printed on a color laser for cost reasons… check for signs that other sheets were produced on a different printer.. In my case one of the 3 “original” notes produced has a pronounced flaw in every page due to a bad erase corona wire in the printer EXCEPT for the signature page… And the signature page has my sig in BLUE although on the real original it was in BLACK … and it was a digital representation ,, just looking with a jewelers loupe revealed that it was printed (dots) and not signed.

    Lawyers are lazy ,, find their mistakes that reveal FRAUD.. and file complaints.

  7. This has been covered here extensively… AFAIK only color laser printers/copiers place the dots on each sheet they produce (only color lasers can produce yellow dots RIGHT?). This is because the Treasury/FBI wanted copiers capable of counterfeiting currency to be tracked… That should apply here as there should be two ink colors black and blue on the note.

  8. The age of the paper is another giveaway.

  9. Hopegearheart,
    I think you are referring to the yellow dots which can be seen using a piece of blue Saran Wrap with an LED flashlight shining thru it. And it is a code which is peculiar to each printer, put I. Place in order to help detect counterfeiting of currency. First reported years ago by Mario Kenny on his blog.
    So if you use this method, and find out that the “original document” was printed on a laser printer sold to a law firm 500 miles from your home, you can then assume it isn’t an original.

  10. there is a way that defeats the auto-pen which proves the document is fake… all modern printers and copiers have a series of microprinted dot patterns which are on every piece of paper run thru each machine. the dot pattern reveals which printer it iwas, and I believe the date the copies were made too..theres info about this and decoding the pattern info at the electronic frontiers foundation website

  11. Reblogged this on California freelance paralegal and commented:
    It would not surprise me if the banks and mortgage servicers are also retaining questioned document experts and handwriting experts to ensure that the fabricated “original note” looks as authentic as possible.

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