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Just a quick post from the LendingLies moderator.  It appears that record numbers of bank-associated entities are commenting on the blog, registering for seminars (banker’s are welcome!) and attempting to confuse our readers- especially when Neil writes about rescission.  Posts on rescission tend to bring the banks out in record numbers.  Neil Garfield’s policy is to allow the posts to remain knowing that his sophisticated readers will “out” the bank trolls without having to do a thing (thanks guys!).

Recently there have been several rescission posts removed because we had already tied the ip address to a known banking entity.  Thus, verify the information you read, not only on the blog comments section, but articles on the Livinglies blog.  An educated homeowner is a dangerous homeowner- educate yourself!   Also we caution readers from using the comment section to “try” your case on social media.  It has been known to backfire.

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  1. So, you think I work for “known banking entity” – is that why I’m blocked from posting?

  2. I wish you well in your effort to help those folks. I seem to remember that a contract that is signed by one that does not have the proper mental capacity to enter into that contract can make that contract void. My opinion would be to see if she had any diagnosis pertaining to a diminished mental capacity at or near the time she signed the reverse mortgage contract. That of course is not legal advice it is where I would start and if it fits it would be a great “monkey wrench” to begin throwing around. Look to the UCC for your state.

    Capacity: Who made the deal. Deal not enforceable because party is not in capacity to do so. Person who as the ability to disaffirm the agreement that he or she has made. a. Infants: b. Mental incompetence: person can void contract if (1) lacks cognition or (2)lack volition and the other party has reason to know that.

  3. @ David ,

    IANAL , But my advice would be to not give up and take whatever avenue is open to you… you don’t have to follow “their” playbook ,, you can take paths that lawyers wouldn’t take ,, Right now I’m just getting involved with a neighbor who is about to lose a house in a reverse mortgage … the old woman had dementia when she signed the papers and now a few years later is in a home as she started getting violent toward people she no longer recognized … her family (son is on deed moved back in after a divorce) has asked me to look things over as they don’t have money for an attorney… I’m hoping for an obvious monkey wrench they can throw into the works…

  4. they whacked Wells Fargo AGAIN TODAY!

  5. Neidermeyer. OK after 7 years I’m all for filing a complaint ! So state judge A ignores the rescission and then rejects a couple of motions that count on rescission being effective and the judge accepting the fact that rescission has been accomplished . But (to nobody’s surprise) judge A says the rescission was not effective because it was past 3 years (with no proof of consumation) and it was a residential loan (not a 80/20 securities transaction) and proceeds to roll over the pro se litigant. So old pro se files a motion to vacate a void judgment and old judge A just denies it for “reasons stated before”. Now pro se has brought it up during the course of this “trial” “where you never see a jury” with motions for judgment on the pleadings, motions to dismiss and motions to vacate void judgments and the old Banksters machine just keeps rolling on with the engineer judge sounding the horn. SO NEIDER WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT FILING “A CLAIM” IN FEDERAL COURT? Right now I’m down to appealing a damages amount old wagon train wants for 200K not to mention they kicked me out of the house and of course the IRS sent me one of those 1099 s where wagon train is claiming to have “forgiven debt” (I sent that one back to them and marked it corrected with me as the lender and them as the borrower and asking the IRS to investigate because I suspected fraud). I am not sure why I bother anymore. The whole system is fixed. Mr Bankster leaves his job to be Mr. Legislator and Mrs Legislator loses her job and goes to work for the Banksters and their brothers and sisters work for the private IRS collection agency who all have the constabulary under their control to enforce their statutes they pass off for “law”. What’s next??

  6. @ David ,

    If your local judge doesn’t abide by Jesinoski it is imperative that a complaint be filed against them. They are not legislators. They cannot go against the Supremes…

  7. If the Supreme Court ruled, it’s law! Easy to spot the phonies.

  8. So what do we need?? Another case heard by the Supreme Court?? With all the statute manipulation from the bench there should be plenty of rescission cases that could be presented to the Supreme Court. What would be the perfect case to be presented to SCOTUS regarding the denial or should I say the ignoring of rescission?? How much money and who could get it before SCOTUS?? Now there’s a few questions to be answered.

  9. What to do if the self-appointed servicer bank that does not own the mortgage or the note and already recovered their ‘risk’ a few times over via securitization files a proof of claim in BankrupcyCourt?


    Leo Blas


  10. Keep up the great work and work on Mulvaney at the CFPB to shape them up and put the heat on all these crooks!!! Semper Fi.

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    On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 12:43 PM, Livinglies’s Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: ” Just a quick post from the LendingLies moderator. > It appears that record numbers of bank-associated entities are commenting > on the blog, registering for seminars (banker’s are welcome!) and > attempting to confuse our readers- especially when Neil writes” >

  11. Thx for verification!

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