$35 Million and All is Forgiven

Foreclosure law exists in its own separate universe. Ordinarily the final administrative finding that there were deficiencies in servicing and foreclosure processing would create, at a minimum, a presumption that these institutions could not be trusted to provide accurate information about the simple things like the identity of the creditor, the proper Plaintiff or beneficiary, the amount due and the authority of any of them to pursue foreclosures.

In the regular universe such an administrative finding would be cause enough to prohibit the use of legal presumptions for documents within the care, custody or control of the parties whose conduct was at best negligent and at worst fraudulent.

Such findings should be grounds to allow homeowners who were foreclosed to get the real information about whether their foreclosure was legal and proper — or anything close to that.

see https://www.wsj.com/articles/fed-fines-5-big-banks-35-million-for-foreclosure-mortgage-servicing-issues-1515772840


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  1. CFPB seems not doing for our (victim) side?

  2. And, again when the banksters settle the fines, the bills of exchange, money bills and court orders are the instruments that creates even more money out of thin air;

    The biggest scam is not the foreclosures; it is the court orders; just ask the court for the original court order after the ruling; its gone; they cannot find it; why? Because it was sold as money;

    This is how the banks keep the courts under their thumbs; because the courts are in on the same money bill scams; pull one card and the whole house of cards caves in;

    All so-called corporate government service providers are merely money bill vendors; they sold your original birth certificates, car and home registration papers; tax filings, utility bills, the works;

    Its time to foreclose the Divided BAR, take our courts back and begin superior jurisdiction law of the land common law courts by, for and of the people; in peace

  3. Just went to a hearing where I was told that an Affidavit of Lost Note is not applicable, and it does not matter that it was signed under penalty of perjury. Who cares??

  4. Also the doctrine of clean hands as they dirty rotten bums all have their hands in the sewer!!! I hope they do away with the CFPB as I found it to be totally inept and corrupt. Too bad our very own government and congress people have their hands in all this as well, in my humble opine as that really stacks the deck against us poor, innocent, property owners!!! Semper Fi

  5. Inhuman! Their blood is not moving their heart is not beating!

  6. Elections have consequences!!

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