Caveat Emptor: Beware of Imposters claiming to be associated with Neil Garfield, GTC Honors and LendingLies


Beware of Scams: — people masquerading as me, or saying they are associated with me, or using my intellectual property without prior authorization.

For long time readers of the blog you have seen this before.

It is frequent that people try to offer services that they say are associated with me or GTC Honors, LendingLies, AMGAR or LivingLies or any of our other programs or entities. Sometimes I have worked with them in the past. Every time we have turnover here there is an uptick as overly enthusiastic people with insufficient knowledge attempt to promote themselves as part of our team or experts after they leave.

The bottom line for you to watch is to whom they tell you to direct payment. If it is PayPal GTC Honors or Neil F Garfield then you can expect the work to be done by us. If it is anything else, then you are doing business with someone who is NOT associated with us in any way.  

We highly recommend investigator Bill Paatalo of BP Investigative Agency or Dan Edstrom of DTC Systems.

Also, there are people out there claiming to be ‘forensic loan’ investigators, or chain-of-title experts that obtain one of the reports I have authored and attempt to pass it off as their own.  I highly recommend that you conduct a full investigation on the entity claiming to be an ‘expert’.  
I recommend that you ask them the following questions:
-Is your work supervised by a licensed attorney?
-If the person claims to be a paralegal, fraud expert, or forensic examiner request proof of educational credentials, full work history and validate it. Anyone can claim to be a paralegal, investigator or fraud analyst.  
-Because paralegals do not practice law, they are not licensed. We recommend that an attorney be responsible for supervising and approving the paralegal’s work product. 
-If you purchase a report from a person lacking proper credentials or expertise, the court will not allow the information to be presented as evidence- so the report is of little value- except for your information purposes only. 
-A chain of title report is an excellent way to obtain information about breaks in title, suspect signatures and other irregularities- but these findings may or may not have any relevance in a court of law.
-We suggest you conduct a background investigation and look for any criminal activity, especially in the city where they reside. 
-We also  recommend you check their social media accounts and do an internet search to see if there are any complaints.  Anyone can take a chain of title report off of the internet, modify it and claim to be an expert in mortgages, titles, foreclosure or anything else.
Please call us at or our main phone number (202-838-6345) if you have any questions about someone claiming to be affiliated with LendingLies or to check references.

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  1. Law firms for banks could even set a negative precedent in your state by failing good cases of illegal foreclosures by bad layering .

  2. OMG!!!

  3. Watch a party named Cromwell…first heard she took a correspondence curse for paralegal studies? Then, heard from a very credible source she was taking on-line classes for a JD in California and didn’t pass muster…then “rumor” has it she is writing legal paperwork for others under the guise of having legal credentials? Know her casually, was in Delaware bankruptcy Court in the New Century case, when she was flushed out by Judge Kevin Carey for writing pleadings, responses and motions for other Plaintiff’s, with no legal credentials. Just be cautious folks. Goes under the name Simonee on-line/blogs also. If she has gotten it together, great, but keep a keen eye on some of these folks. They will take your money and you’ll be left where you began and worse off than when you started.

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