Tell SIGTARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, to stop investigating fraud and compiling huge reports- and to DO SOMETHING FOR THE HOMEOWNERS WHO WERE HARMED:

SigTarp, through its numerous investigations has discovered massive amounts of modification fraud as seen in this audit: .  And yet NOTHING has been done for the homeowners who were deceived, had approved modifications revoked, and the last of their cash confiscated.

As Treasury Secretary Timonthy Geitner said, HAMP borrowers would “foam the runway” for the distressed banks looking for a safe landing.  Now it’s time to foam the runways for corrupt Bank CEOs to go to prison for embezzlement and fraud by using HAMP to push homeowners further in to arrears, and to steal homes.

HAMP was NEVER about helping homeowners save their homes- and to add insult to injury, the Treasury’s Hardest Hit proceeds were used for parties, bar-be-ques and limousine rides.

Barbecues, litigation expenses, employee bonuses, gift cards, flowers, gym memberships. And more. All paid with taxpayer $$$ reserved for modifying mortgages for at risk homeowners. The examines SIGTARP’s audit of the Hardest Hit Fund:

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  1. Judge granted me a hearing on my case it was accepted and I’m going to expose every single person FROM foreclosure without providing me a chance to respond, i was not served, it was mailed to Greentree plaintiff????? Hmmmm

  2. We lost our home through FORECLOSURE with Bank Of America , we were fighting it for a long 6 to 7 years begging for modification not only Bank Of America played us all along we got court hearings and at the same time letters pressuring us to vacate the house. Wasn’t that double tracking? What actions are you taking to prevent modification saying it should be the fair market value when all of the houses in our neighborhood were selling half the price they were asking us to modify our mortgage? Their tactic to agree the modification or the offer is void within unreasonable period of time is basically harassment. We were like a setting duck for both Bank Of America and our so called foreclosure defender lawyer.

  3. In addition to SIGTARP, include your AG in the State of services, trustee, master services, unfair and deceptive practices is illegal, esp. since most of the remaining perpetrators have received Federal Consent Orders.

    Drop the CEO of Mortgage Banking of Chase a email and Cert letter and put him on notice. He’s on LinkedIn. Michael Weinbach. He is the guy overseeing the fraudulent activities of the entities colluding to commit civil theft. Which may enable treble damages. The use robo witnesses and Robo attorneys like Quarles n Brady and Robinson Grey are the lying enablers in the crime. Civil RICO comes to mind.,
    If you lost your home, or still in foreclosure be sure to tell him to personally investigate the matter.

  4. Thanks Anon,….I will look into this. 🙂

  5. And, they should be able to tell you the dollar amount the debt was purchased for.

  6. artfeltwhymsies, — think they are a management servicer established in 2008. . But they should be able to provide the complete an accurate chain of assignment to you. Of course, debt buying never has that complete chain.

  7. I THINK our investor is Roosevelt Management

  8. Who is the CURRENT investor? Servicers are under instruction by the investors. Who is the CURRENT Investor? The unfunded REMICs are dissolved. Yet servicers still claim that these REMICs, by their trustee, is the the investor. Impossible. The investor is concealed by the servicers. We need to know the current investor (debt buyer) as they are in control.

  9. About time Wells Fargo BSI to get back what price of what they bullied us for!!!
    May we should fax you or express mail

  10. They COVERED UP my LPS Fraudulent Documents with a HAMP loan modification…only to have to RE-VISIT foreclosure again!! Hang ’em High!!! I am in with you all….working on my complaint now!!


    On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 3:22 PM, Livinglies’s Weblog wrote:

    > Neil Garfield posted: ” Tell SIGTARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, > to stop investigating fraud and compiling huge reports- and to DO SOMETHING > FOR THE HOMEOWNERS WHO WERE HARMED: > crimetips.aspx SigTarp, through its numerous investigati” >

  12. Yeeessss! Get your complaint and demands ready. With all the folks reading this blog our impact can be huge. We are planning a mass mail Jan 1. Take a screen shot of your complaint and post to your AG fb page, your elected representatives, regulators, the press and anyone else you can think of.
    Will come up with email list in a few days. En masse, that’s how we get to critical mass.

  13. Neil please call me I’ve obtained 1460 or so pages We are going to be using it in my fraud case V Wells Fargo

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