The Neil Garfield Foreclosure Show with California Attorney Patricia Rodriguez: California extends the Home Owner

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Attorney Patricia Rodriguez will join Neil Garfield to discuss the Homeowner Bill of Rights (HBOR), which establishes protections for homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure.  It was set to expire on December 31, 2017 but has been extended.

Neil Garfield will discuss the difference between information and evidence.

Both evidence and information:

  • inform the investigator what happened, when and who was responsible for the matter under investigation;
  • can take various forms including witness accounts, hard copy documents and electronic records.

The difference between information and evidence is their inherent quality of the materials, and credibility. Evidence is the term used to describe information which is relevant to proving a disputed fact in issue in legal proceedings. Accordingly, evidence complies with the legal rules of evidence. However, information may or may not comply with these rules.

Also discussed will be the determine when a case is ripe for modification or settlement, and the best way to position a case for a favorable modification.

Patricia Rodriguez- Lead Attorney/Chief Executive Officer

phone: (626) 888-5206

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  1. Hi Does the HBOR provides any relief when you realize neither the servicer or the Investor are entitled to service or to own your Deed of trust/Note ?

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