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Investigator Bill Paatalo joins California foreclosure attorney Charles Marshall to discuss one of the most egregious foreclosure decisions in recent history.  An Arkansas Bankruptcy court ruled that bank fraud is an acceptable practices in Shiefer v. Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo, on the record, admited to executing a note by a WaMu Officer in 2013- when WaMu no longer existed and long after FDIC Receivership.  The Arkansas courts have repeatedly proven they will permit fraud to protect the banks.

The Arkansas Bankruptcy Court under Trustee Joyce Babin appears to get the facts utterly wrong in this case, but there is one valuable nugget (FACT) that now exists – Wells Fargo admits to executing an endorsement upon a note by a WaMu Officer in 2013!  The endorsements of WaMu officers appearing on notes long after the FDIC Receivership is what investigator Bill Paatalo has been attesting to for years now based upon a conglomeration of evidence. But now, there is an actual admission that endorsements are being fabricated to satisfy the bankruptcy and foreclosure courts!

Charles Marshall will discuss how legal decision making in the area of foreclosure law is infected with and reflective of major political machinations, not the rule of law.  Judges are ramrodding homeowners in foreclosure with displays of indifference and contempt. The political posturing occurs in mega-million dollar settlements between Federal and State entities and big lender/servicers to create the appearance of enforcement- but provides only a trickle of relief to homeowners.

The sun is setting on the California Homeowner Bill of Rights & will no longer be operative (except for submitted loan mods under review on or before Dec. 31, 2017). Lawmakers have made no attempt to extend CHBOR protections to homeowners who are disproportionately nonwhite.  It is time for #MineToo! to stop this flagrant foreclosure abuse.

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