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We have potential clients for Maryland lawyers who have experience in foreclosure defense. We seek no fee or compensation of any kind. You can use our services for analysis, strategy and/or tactics or not. If you are a lawyer accepting referrals please send an email to If you know of a lawyer in Maryland, please send an email to

Or call 202-838-6345

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  1. What we really need, in my humble opinion, is a NATIONWIDE calling of attorneys with balls, great knowledge, and a sincere interest in helping ALL of us fellow Americans nip all this in the bud once and for all. Down with the CFPB and all the phony government agencies that are part of this giant scam and all the racketeering!! Semper Fi.


    Peter Holland

  3. We need lawyers in Illinois to defend wrongful foreclosure and enforce Rule 114 that requires banks to comply with any loss mitigation that applies to a mortgage…..up to and including HAMP. Wells Fargo defrauded me of $39,000 in fees and interest by refusing to comply with the HAMP program that applies to my mortgage since 2009. This could
    Be a class action because there are a lot of this same situation: fraud and deceptive business practices supported by documentation.

  4. To foreclosurestoriesblog – regarding “do you fight POST foreclosures” depends on the circumstances. For example, under the current law, the purported secured party has to be a licensed debt collector if the debt was purchased when the borrower was in default. If not, the court has deemed any judgment void. In that scenario, yes, we’d file against the servicer and sub trustee for damages and to vacate the sale. There are no guarantees and it all depends on the set of facts we have.

  5. We have you been!? I haven’t see any lawyer in Maryland with real balls. IJS. The real question for Maryland Lawyers is “do you fight POST foreclosures.” There is a lot of dirty paperwork in our court system. SMH.

  6. Attorney Peter Silva at Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva. We not only defend foreclosures in Maryland, DC and Virginia but we proactively file complaints against the servicer, substitute trustees for failures to comply with TILA and RESPA in the servicing of the loan in federal court.

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