Stupid Law

Hat tip to Bill Paatalo who wrote the main article. See link below.

I would like to say that this could have happened only in Arkansas, but that isn’t true. Watch how the Court twisted itself into a pretzel in its determines effort to make Wells Fargo win despite admitting to unlawfully altering the note by a forged endorsement.

I note also how the court steadfastly avoids the subject of ownership of the debt and clings to the notion that ownership of the note — i.e., the piece of paper that is EVIDENCE OF THE LOAN — is as deep as the court is willing to go.


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2 Responses

  1. So when this happens what can one do? Because they did are still doing fraud and causing more damage to not only myself but foe the last 4 years to my children.

  2. i’m sure you meant “EVIDENCE OF THE DEBT” not Evidence of the Note… 😉

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