Fake Powers of Attorney — DiTech and MERS

The banks, who actually control this mess, have resorted to using fabricated documents entitled “Powers of Attorney” or worse, simply claiming that a party is the “attorney in fact.” The courts are starting to wake up. In this case the NJ court questioned how the agents (MERS and DiTech) could sign anything for an entity that went out of business 4 years earlier. All lawyers know that such agencies or powers expire with the death of the grantor.

But the banks persist in this strategy because they can’t prove the simpler path of tracing the transactions up to and including the designated named foreclosing party.

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see NJ Decision Questions Authority After Originator Went Out of Business




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  1. How can this be permitted in the courts, and be upheld in making final decisions that impact lives of real people? Where is the ‘scale’ of justice which assures us that the judicial system is in place to protect citizens from unscrupulous practices, civil or criminal!! If banks are federally insured, then the public should be equally insured against fraud, which is the bottom line.

  2. WFB attracted to criminal fraudulent street people more than to their own custome hard working honest. As we got evected due to their F modification we passed by house already break in broken door and window screwing in gate! We long time customer been thrown pet to BSI like set up

  3. Reblogged this on California freelance paralegal and commented:
    If only the Courts in other states including California would issue decisions like this one.

  4. In California I have ongoing litigation against Wells Fargo as the alleged Servicer and Bank of America as the alleged Investor. Now look this The Attorney from S&W representing both financial institutions However the person who signed the complaint for Bank of America is non employee of the Bank of America its an employee from Wells Fargo as it attorney in fact. Doing my own research I found Bank of America has a Oversight Servicing Surveillance Department for all its servicers When I inquired on my own about my property They cant find out anything All the time when I asked them I been redirected to Wells Fargo. I found out Bank of America doesn’t possess the deed valid document neither Wells Fargo.

  5. Congress needs to shut them down for these chain of forgeries in every loan and for contaminating property records and the whole financial system!

  6. I have no doubt that Wilbur Ross Jr, US Secretary of Commerce under Trump, former sole owner of AHMSI knew or should have known that any/all POSs re his stealing my home in 2014 are forgeries…just like past Living Lies and Foreclosure Fraud blogs revealed and I became a
    “commenter” back in 2009- to 2017, had uncovered with those fake document mills in GA and FL cranked out fake docs to cover the likes of Ross/AHMSI/OCWEN, COUNTRYWIDE and on and on..and created the Nightmare on EverystreeT (not just Elm!)

    But the problem is the same for me as with all who read these blogs..I (we) are now paupers. We have no assets to fight these criminals and theFfederal Courts (not all, maybe only a few, wink wink), now finally under “scrutiny” by SCOTUS (I pray to almighty God) for creating their own interpretation of TILA and gave our precious homes to billionairre crooks and theives..no F..ing shit..so what are we with no assets supposed to do…nothing, we are beaten by the bad guys and the bad guys are in charge of the mental institution called the White House and Congress…if you do not know that then you live on Jupiter…just venting and sayin’ thats all

    Geezerkatz in Banner Elk, NC 28604

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