The Neil Garfield Foreclosure Show at 6pm Eastern: Objections and Cross Examination: Where the Rubber meets the Road


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Well-based objections must be raised in a timely manner along with a well-planned Cross Examination strategy to prevail

Ask any lawyer how they won a case defending against foreclosure and they will probably tell you it was by “blowing up the witness.”  With the right planning, concentrating on what the robo-witness does not know and can’t say, well-timed, well-based objections will disrupt the attorneys pursuing foreclosure to the point where they can’t make their case. What are the right objections? Neil Garfield gives an overview of defensive objections and how most lawyers and pro se litigants either raise them too late or never raise them.

Blowing up the witness usually takes something more than objections. It requires well-planned cross-examination including practicing in your mind how you will pursue the many crossed lines of cross-examination. Neil Garfield provides a short overview of cross-examination techniques.

This is where Perry Mason’s rubber hits the road.

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