Beware of People Using My Name in Vain

You will be helping me, helping the movement, and helping consumers generally if you report misrepresentations or false guarantees to appropriate Federal (FTC) and state agencies.

It has come to my attention that there are once again people who are pretending to be me, or pretending to have some affiliation with Neil Garfield or the LivingLies blog. They represent themselves as “founders” or having some business affiliation with our enterprise. They frequently charge an upfront fee just for a review. Their fee for that is actually higher than what we charge here.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY SUCH PERSON OR ENTITY. If you want to check on whether they are someone about which we have knowledge, you can call us at 202-838-6345.

Making false representations to solicit business may be a crime, punishable by fine, imprisonment or both and may the subject of civil claims for compensatory and punitive damages.

As a general rule of thumb, such claims are not made even by the people who have been closely associated with us in pro bono or other activities. Anyone who is promoting their own services by using our name is most likely making a false representation.

We do not endorse nor guarantee the work of any third parties. We do not promote any vendor (including attorneys) to the exclusion of other third parties who are, in our opinion, also qualified.

Neil F Garfield

FBN 229318


4 Responses

  1. The new be they got!!

  2. Whatever happened to Master Servicer ??? Maher Soliman.

  3. Responding to the subject matter of the post, the analogy is:

    A pretender acting without any/the authorization of the Principal(s).

    Sounds familiar…

  4. that’s awful! haven’t seen any imposters but will keep alert. thanks for the heads-up.

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