Wells Fargo Strikes Again

If you want to know why people in all political spectrums are angry enough to blow up stuff consider this: If any of us walked into Wells Fargo Bank and using stolen financial identities opened up a checking account, savings account, credit card account and maybe a few more credit card accounts, upon discovery, we would be accused of bank fraud and sentenced to years in prison.

Add to that total the following: an auto loan, a mortgage loan and creating an old-style “float” using newfangled EFT (eletronic funds transfer) bearing the name “shadow money” in a “shadow banking world.”

Those were all things that Wells Fargo continually committed for the last 20 years giving the false impression that its brand mattered, that they had more business than they really did, that they had mroe accounts —depository and loan accounts — than they really did and all based upon lies. I’ve done the research based upon public information — they didn’t do it once; they did it approximately 8 million times negatively impacting around 3 million people.

If any mere mortal did that they would be away for the rest of their adult life. We know that. What we don’t know and what makes us angry is why multinational banks don’t pay any price for the fraud they are continually committing. Solve that and people might not be so angry.

see http://nypost.com/2017/09/05/wells-fargo-now-accused-of-unfair-home-mortgage-rate-hikes/


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  1. Wells Fargo may be linked to persecution of pro-family groups over ‘hate’ accusation https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/banking-giant-may-be-linked-to-cutting-off-services-to-christian-pro-family

  2. How true!

  3. Be safe, and God bless, Neil.

  4. That last paragraph seems to ask why Wells Fargo (and, by inference, other financial institutions) get off the hook for their crimes.
    It’s simple: They give big money to their whores, the politicians who make the rules, both dem and repub. Now if YOU would just fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to this or than scum-of-the-earth pol, you might be so favored, Mr. Garfield.

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    If the government was serious about punishing Wells Fargo they would revoke their national banking charter.

  6. All the turkeys should be in jail, but our government got highly involved with the likes of FHFA, GSE, Fannie and Freddie and many others, as Neil and so many others have pointed out. All the crooked law firms like Stern’s out in Florida helped all the crooks continue to do business with millions of forged, fabricated, phony, and robosigned documents and the crazy courts across the country let this happen along with all the corrupt congress people, various states, and of course our federal government under very corrupt people and I don’t think this will change with Trump and Session with old Munuchin at the head.
    Too bad there are not more attorneys nationwide willing to join forces and help millions of people, but it would mean fighting our very own government so you can’t blame them- it it dog eat dog out there in the crooked and corrupt world of finance. Semper Fi.

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  8. They will keep doing every goon thing they can, for as long as they can. It is their “business model” – remember?

    “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven’t.” – Thomas Edison.

    Make it a Great Day.

    Scott Thompson

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