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Hello LivingLies Readers,

Thank you for your robust response to our post requesting New Jersey attorneys.  Thanks to you, we were able to locate several potential attorneys for our client!

This is a prospective client who has resources with which to pay fees, costs and third party vendors for analysis. The case is pending in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Based on Neil Garfield’s cursory review the history of the case, its current procedural status and the substantive facts all point to fraudulent and wrongful foreclosure.

Please call our main number or refer to this Post, and provide the name and contact information of the lawyer you think would be available.  You may also email us at  Thank you!

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  1. neidermeyer — DITTO

  2. Have a lawyer now but am looking for another in litigation the last 7 Years New York,…American Brokers Conduit/Aurora/nation star
    Theodore Schultz robo signer etc…..

  3. @ Danger Kitty

    BRAVO! The drip drip drip of truth will eventually win.

  4. I can tell you that I will not recommend ANY foreclosure defense attorneys in Louisiana. I’ve spoken to many who advertise themselves as “foreclosure defense”. Most of them had the same exact response—all they do is file bankruptcy and delay as long as they can. They believe, and most of these even said this to me, that our fight is lost the moment the case was filed. So, they delay, they stall…..they charge you up front, then they charge you per month….so you can delay as long as possible, while “saving up money each month” so that when the time comes, you can move somewhere else. How are you supposed to save up if you’re paying them each month?

    One of these attorneys even was surprised when I told her that she advertises herself as a foreclosure defense attorney. She did not believe me. I had to show her the advertisement because she said, “We only handle bankruptcy here….” She was not even aware of how she advertised her own business.

    Of all those attorneys, only TWO actually allowed me any time at all to explain the situation. All the others required me to hear their plan before they even knew what my case was about, or what evidence I had. Seriously. How can you, as a service provider, address your client’s situation, when you don’t even know what their situation is??? The first of these two spoke with me for about 20 minutes, then asked me to gather all of my documentation and evidence into chronological order, then pay him a retainer fee of $6000, and ONLY THEN would he review my information and tell me if he believed I had a case or not. Seriously??? I’m supposed to fork over $6000 and then he will tell me if I have a case? What happens if he claims I don’t?? I’m out $6000 for THAT???? No thanks!

    The second one, I met with her at her office. I brought some documentation to her because I wanted to show her something that actually evidenced my claims. She was courteous. She agreed that I had been mistreated by the court—let me say this clearly—I have evidence that the court broke judicial conduct law and civil procedure law as well. She AGREED that the court did these things wrong, but then wanted me to forget about all of that. So, why would I hire this attorney, when they clearly can see and admit that the court violated my rights under the law, but refuse to stand up for me? It gets worse….she told me in email that she would at least file a motion to extend time for something that was happening in my case. She never filed anything. I relied upon her word, and she failed to honor it. Incidentally, this last attorney works for a law firm that designates itself as the ONLY one in my state that pursues these kinds of cases…and yet, they pursued nothing on my behalf. Even when we had verbal agreement for their representation, and I was giving them all documentation they had requested for the case, they could not even bother to keep their word.

    Neil, there’s a severe lack of any sense of help here in Louisiana for anyone seeking an attorney. The very first attorney I went to, back more than 5 years ago, saw all the evidence and documentation that I had at that time, and told me that he refused to represent me in this defense. He told me that if I intended to fight the “big banks”, I would be kicked out of my house within a year. That was nearly 6 years ago. Guess where I’m still living? We sure could use some attorneys here who actually get it—and also who actually will fight for the rights of homeowners. To actually tell a prospective client that you can see where the court did them wrong, but then tell that client NOT to fight for their rights???? WOW….

  5. Neil ,

    More than anything we need a DOJ that cares about J , the courts are part of the gov’t and the gov’t is owned by the FedRes… until that changes nothing will change .. at least not on a large scale. We need a new Andrew Jackson or JFK ,,, we might have that in Trump… if he can weather the coup de etat that is being waged right now. He is n NJ planning his offensive against the deep state at this time.

    The courts allow some defenses and don’t sanction ALL of the attorneys , just the effective ones… maybe you’ve heard the phrase “don’t fight the fed” ,, this is just a different application of that sentiment.

    With that said we are in the final bubble ,, the fed is “one trick pony” ,, their answer is always to print… but they’ve run out of asset classes to inflate … all that’s left is the money supply itself ,, Weimar here we come. The best most can hope for is to hang on and don’t worry about debt because soon enough a dozen eggs will be $1B at breakfast and $5B at dinnertime.

  6. All states are the same. People need to come together. Each person alone gets crushed in the courts. Rare that a good decision comes down. I know attorneys in many states that have just given up. No matter what they say – the court’s ignore.

    Time to get together.

  7. Help – same problem here in Tenn. No apparent legal owner . Asked WF for current title and they rolled out a record showing ancient and defunct Transland Financial as lienholder. Desperately looking for pro bono / contingency atty. as we want both the title cleared and damages
    from fake foreclosure, fake papers, stalling, same old , same old.Thanks to all this we cannot sell or refi without clear title, etc.

  8. N.J. like other states do not have lawyers that will take foreclosures or bankruptcy cases with foreclosures because there is more to be made in chasing ambulances and their jobs are not threaten by the corrupt courts. Just read the latest N.J. Supreme Court case, GMAC v. Willboughly. The trial court denied her motion where she tried to enforce her signed modification that both parties had agreed. The Appellate denied her appeal because the judges did not even bothered to look at the signed modification. While these homeowners continued to make payments, the courts were just interested in handing over the title to the corrupt plaintiffs. In the end, the N.J. Supreme Court suggested that the trial court come up with chicken feed for the homeowner’s, the return of their money they had paid because the home was sold in a sheriff’s sale. Had the courts done their job, this family would still be in their home.This chicken-shit opinion is an example how the courts protect the banks, GSEs.
    Even with the help of Seton Hall Law School, the former attorneys for N.J. Legal Aid and the infamous “Never Wins A Case For Homeowners” – Joshua Denbeaux, is reminiscence of the 2010 Order To Show Cause in N.J. where some of the these people blew it the for the homeowners. Its deja vu all over again where the homeowners get screwed again. It has been staged.

  9. We are in Rhode Island and we need a Pro Bono lawyer urgently to argue a Pro Se case coming up for hearing soon.

    There is a 30 day delinquency on the Note before the Note was allegedly transferred to the Trust CWABS Inc. Asset Backed Certificates series 2007-4 Trust. This is in violation of the Pooling and servicing agreement and therefore the Note could not have transferred. PLEASE HELP !

  10. Can anyone recommend a national BK firm or attorney that has the chops to handle filing and defending a Chapter 13 BK with an Adversarial Proceeding predicated on 11 U.S.C. 506(d) Proof of Claim arguments?

    The venue is the Atlanta, GA (11th Circuit). Thanks!


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