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We have a prospective client for a lawyer in Orange County, Florida. This involves a foreclosure case that has already gone to judgment and a writ of possession has been issued. While there might be a theoretical reason to bring a motion to vacate, the procedural remedies seem to have been exhausted to vacate the judgment, sale or eviction. There is a pending appeal but that appears at first glance to lack persuasive issues properly preserved by the pro se litigant.

I think this is a potentially high value case for damages, if properly handled. I recommend that fees and costs be supplemented by a contingent fee arrangement. The case involves the old LongBeach-WAMU-Chase false chain and fraudulent claims filed on behalf of a trust that probably no longer exists and which is “represented” by DeutschBank National Trust Company who performs no duties and controls nothing — particularly in view of the fact that the trust almost certainly paid nothing and therefore never acquired the debt and therefore never acquired the right to enforce.

The prospective client has been prequalified as having sufficient resources to pay attorneys fees and costs. He only needs a lawyer who is dedicating to winning in litigation and negotiating in good faith on modifications.

Chain of Title Analysis has been completed and he is ordering the forensic report from Bill Paatalo. We of course stand ready to assist with drafting and suggestions on strategy. With his permission you can get transcript of the consult with Neil Garfield.

We do not accept any contributions from the attorney who accepts this case. No referral fee, lead generation fee or anything else. No obligation of the lawyer except to accept his call.

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  1. When I read the article, I thought Mark Stopa. Than I read responses, Stopa Law Firm. Maybe?
    Not many good attorneys able to litigate foreclosure cases left. Most of them was bought by Banks. Money talks. And “Law” is blind. I was at two hearings so far and I wish that in my case I`m represented by Plaintiff`s attorney. So sad.
    What happened to Ice Legal ?

  2. We need a Pro Bono foreclosure defense lawyer in Rhode Island as soon as possible, please.

  3. Stopa Law Firm
    2202 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 200
    Tampa, FL 33607
    (727) 851-9551
    www stayinmyhome com

  4. Thanks Neil. I have been saying all along what a great way for good, honest attorneys to make money by banding together to actually help people FIRST and then make money on what should pretty much be a sure thing if some really good, knowledgeable attorneys put their time, talent, and knowledge together working on the same cause!!!
    I know this 73 year old Vietnam Veteran could sure use some help on FIVE (5) loans what were allegedly originated and “table funded” by Countrywide.
    Also I have about five feet of very interesting correspondence from nasty old Bank of America, Shellpoint Mtg., Seterus, Fannie Mae, and useless CFPB (they sent very letter as did the USDOJ and various congress people like the phony ones in Colorado!! Semper Fi.

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