Trump’s nominee for OCC post meets resistance due to One West Fraud Settlement

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  1. No morality, unethical, no consumer protection breaking my heart!

  2. “(I’ll never wake in a good mood again ,I’m sick of these stinking boots!” This is almost too much munchkin ,this POS ,WTF it really is a kick in the huevos one west was on the pprwork in the early stages of the so called fraud closure hearing that even though it was our home in question my money the so called bank took out in my name only to force me to pay back with interest but we didn’t have standing as to them having authority to initiate said actions ?! Just when my mind starts to feel somewhat norm again I read this and it flashes me right back to brawling with 10 -15 men over my family’s property they were stealing from a pod in front of home they were helping douche bag bank Germany via indymac 2006 ar2 pretender lender series mobs DB bank trust my ass mofo scumbaggary ! Thank you for being here !!!

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