Here is a horrifying map that shows every Detroit tax foreclosure since 2002

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  • Loveland Technologies

We all know tax foreclosures are a problem in Detroit, but this map from Loveland Technologies really puts the horror of the situation into perspective. Shown are all of the properties that have been foreclosed and sold at auction in the city over the past 15 years.

Michigan law allows for the foreclosure and seizure of properties with three or more years of back taxes. The properties then get sold at auction to try to recoup some money lost. People then get displaced. The houses they lived in then sometimes go vacant. Vacancy leads to blight. Blight leads to depressed property values. You see the problem.

Wayne County has foreclosed on more than 160,00 properties since 2002, with the bulk of them in Detroit. You can examine the map showing these properties more closely here.

You can learn about Loveland CEO Jerry Paffendorf’s plan to address the problem here. You can read about how Wayne County uses extra money made off the system here. You can read about how the county’s treasurer says that, despite that, he’s working to address the problem here. You can read about how the tax foreclosures could be unconstitutional because they’re based on outdated property value assessments here. And you can read about how renters have been royally screwed by unscrupulous landlords who’ve gamed the system here. (It’s important to note that a survey last year found nearly half of the people who lived in homes slated for foreclosure were renters, meaning they were likely not responsible for paying property taxes in the first place.)

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  1. Yeah, embarrassed to be an American seems to be a common theme these days. The corporations and their lawyers have made this country a place where so many are trying to get a bite at the same apple, it’s really getting ugly. All foreclosures “should” be judicial in nature. The laws are antiquated using the non-judicial process, this is not what they were meant for. Most Magistrates have no legal prowess, no legal experience and are clueless. Here, they can be former policemen, teachers, firemen, etc…anyone they anoint. Sad!

  2. Thanks again Neil for all you do.

  3. Just how ridiculous is the real property tax rate in Detroit? In 1978, in California, we had a real property tax revolution because the politicians felt that real property owners should fund every stupid whim they could come up with. It was called Proposition 13 that capped real property tax at 1% of purchase price with an allowance that the tax level could increase by 2% (of the tax amount) annually.
    We still have tax auctions in all Counties of California but nothing anywhere as ugly as that map of Detroit.

  4. Perhaps the renters didn’t know they were renters to begin with.
    Hence the phrase…Free Rent.
    KC didn’t like being accused of living rent free….
    KC just needed the Payoff Statement & Title..
    To many MIA Warranty Deeds running Wild.

    Many Blessings to All

  5. This is so wrong! Why isn’t something being done to stop this. It’s happening everywhere. It’s just too easy to foreclose on people. Laws should be changed to make it harder to foreclose making the laws the same in each state. Proof, details whatever it takes to make sure that foreclosures aren’t just being done so banks can profit. Nobody cares about what these people will have to do that get displaced. Sad. I’m embarrassed to say I’m an American anymore. It’s disgraceful.

  6. Very sad to me the counties have this kind of power. I think everyone should pay their “fair share”, but what is a fair share? When so many states and counties are racking in the dough. Big salaries, unnecessary developments, big fat retirements for employees, police, fireman, teachers, retiring at 20 years, then starting another career? Very sad, so many are so short sighted and don’t see the benefit for keeping valued owners in place. Good for the neighborhood, good for the county and good for the banks! So much greed, cheating and theft going on. Many of us don’t have any value for societies ills, they are clueless when they think it doesn’t affect them too. Very short sighted!

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